Happy Easter

Hi Parents,

I have managed to make it over here in an effort to post some homework for the little ones.  This is twice that I have tried to send home a homework booklet at the end of term but my efforts have proven futile.  Nonetheless I shall trudge on.

This weekend’s homework:



Please do enjoy your Easter holiday and have lots of fun with the little ones.


Happy New Year

Good Afternoon Folks,

I apologize sincerely for the long hiatus.  School got extremely busy at the end of last term and that rendered me unable to find the time required to blog.  I had all good intentions of coming here during the Christmas holiday but I am sure that you guys would have heard by now, I got married during the holiday.  Added to the wedded bliss, I lost my mother-in-law on my wedding day. So it was a very bitter-sweet  holiday indeed.

Now that I have returned, I will try my best to get back to “our regular scheduled programming” as soon as possible.

Stay tuned…

We Are Reading!

Yes Parents, you read correctly.  We are reading in Reception Foster.  We have learnt a few fundamental words and now we are using these words to make sentences.  I am super excited and so are the kids.


I got it done!  I was able to administer the Spelling test today.  Most of my students did well.  The majority were able to master all six number names.  A few missed one or two names and will need a little more reinforcement.  A few scored 0 and with that I am a bit concerned.  They will need to be taken out and placed in a small group so that I can do one remedial work with them.  But my next question is…when will i get the time?  School has not been the same for the term.  We all are stressed out and overworked due to the illness of many staff members.  On any given day I am before my class from 9 until 3 and please do forget the hour lunch that some people think teachers get.  That too is non-existent.  I however am sympathetic towards my colleagues as last school year was horrific for me.  I was plagued with illness and had to be out on leave on numerous occasions.  I give thanks to my Maker every day that I have managed to get my “problem” under some control and the issues that came along with it have subsided enough to let me fully-functioning this school term.

Well Parents, I have many tasks to complete and I am in the middle of preparing dinner. Please check your little ones’ bags for correspondence about the tour  and be sure to keep the permission slip in a safe place until you are ready to send it back.

I hope that you guys are reinforcing the concepts taught at school during the week nights and that you engage your kids in wholesome conversation each day.  I am so happy that my daughter is a big girl now because I am not sure that I would want to talk to her when I get home on evenings ( I am all talked out by the end of the day ).

Anyhow, chat later ,

Miss Foster

Trying My Best

Good Morning Parents,

We are in the month of November…already!  The time is just zooming by.  I know that your little ones would have been super excited about having their Spelling Test yesterday but due to absences I was unable to complete the task.  I have however arranged something so that we can have it completed today.

Last week we looked at the number 0 instead of the number 6.  This week we move on to 6 and hopefully we get to 10 by the end of the term.  I am trying my best to get as much as possible done as next term is Sports term and it is a very busy term with lots of time away from the classroom setting.  I hope that I am successful in my endeavour.

Purple is the colour this week and we will be mixing paint to achieve this colour.  We will look at the flag of Barbados and identify the colours, shapes and symbol that make up the flag.  We will view a picture of an island and a picture of a map of Barbados and discuss the similarities to come to the conclusion that Barbados is too an island.

We have started reading and boy are these children like sponges.  They soak up everything.  So far they have been introduced to the following words:

it, at, cat, cot, box, boy, man, girl, is, and.

I am hoping to introduce at least two new words each day this week (except Friday).  I will do “little” and “a” today.  Tomorrow I will do “in” and “the”.  Thursday will be “come” and “look”.  Friday we will review the ones learnt.  Next week we will learn a few more and then begin to make sentences with them 🙂

I have mounted the words in the classroom so that they are in constant view and you can do the same at home. This strategy helps with their word attack skills.

Well Parents, it is kitchen time.  Hopefully I get back here to fill you guys in on more before the week is over.

Wishing you guys all the best,

Miss Foster

Missing You Guys

Good night Parents,

I have been away again and let me assure you it has been for very good reasons.  The schedule at work has been gruelling this past week.  I was sooooo tired on Friday evening that I needed most of Saturday to rest and recuperate but couldn’t really as I needed to make my usual library run and prepare a promised Saturday delicacy for the family.

It is now week eight.  The time is quickly “flying” by.  Very soon we will be wishing each other a Merry Christmas 🙂  I am however proud to report that with the passage of time, there has been lots of learning taking place in reception Foster. So here is what we will be up to in Reception Foster this week:

I had planned to send home the spelling words for their first Spelling test this past Friday; the number names one through five.  However, the photocopier was not working efficiently on Friday, and too, the little “problem” we had at the school totally threw plans into a tail spin.  Nonetheless, the words will be coming home on Friday (even if I have to write them out individually; something that I usually did with my other classes).  This week in Mathematics we will move on to the heart shape and I have plans to let the kids create an envelope from their heart shape cut outs ( Thank God for Pinterest!). Our colour will be orange as we have not had the opportunity to do enough with the colour.  I want us to mix the red and yellow paint to arrive at a beautiful orange colour. We will move on to number six and commence work on the concept of tall and short.  In Science we will  use the board rule and do some measuring of heights and the recording of the information gathered. We will move on to the letter “Ss” and commence the blending of letter sounds to make small words such as “Is” “it”, etc. ( We did not get the opportunity to do it last week).  I want to commence work on the basal reader and will be introducing the words boy, man and girl this week. In story telling we will listen to the story of “Sleeping Beauty”, and of course any others that pique our interest.  The rhyme this week will be “Simple Simon” and in Grammar we will continue to reinforce our antonyms. i will fill you in on the other plans later ( I’m a bit tired now).

I think the children are really enjoying being assigned tasks in the classroom and so I have rostered these kids to be my helpers this week:

Soap Helper -Zakiya Hall

Raina Leach – Play dough Helper

Emilee Inniss – Book Collector

Jhoelle Sharrier – Librarian ( I believe that she can assist me with sharing the books as well as I have come to recognize that she knows all the children’s names 🙂  )

Shamari Dallaway- Pencil Helper

Nalani Scantlebury – Classroom Monitor

Azaria Chase – Messenger

Rae Downes – Crayon Helper

I know I did not post the helpers last week but rest assured that I gave those who did not have a chance previously, the opportunity to assist me.  We have a relatively small class so the rotation comes around really quickly and too I have to take into account the children’s personalities, as everyone will not be happy being the messenger as some are shy.Neither will  everyone delight in the responsibility of being the Classroom Monitor as not everyone is bold and assertive or a leader for that matter of a fact.

Well Parents, I will try my utmost to be back with my regular posts.  I do have some stuff that I need to fill you in on.  So here is to a productive week ahead.  Be safe!


Miss Foster

Not Feeling Well

Good Morning Parents,

I just dropped by with a quick note to apologize for being “missing in action” over the weekend.  I was not feeling well and was laid up in bed for the majority of the weekend.  I did feel a little better yesterday morning and made my way to school. However, i am behind in most of what needed to be done over the weekend and mustered to strength yesterday to begin my tasks.  As soon as I feel better, and have caught up with my work, I will be back to make a more detailed post.

I hope you guys had a great weekend.

Miss Foster