Trying My Best

Good Morning Parents,

We are in the month of November…already!  The time is just zooming by.  I know that your little ones would have been super excited about having their Spelling Test yesterday but due to absences I was unable to complete the task.  I have however arranged something so that we can have it completed today.

Last week we looked at the number 0 instead of the number 6.  This week we move on to 6 and hopefully we get to 10 by the end of the term.  I am trying my best to get as much as possible done as next term is Sports term and it is a very busy term with lots of time away from the classroom setting.  I hope that I am successful in my endeavour.

Purple is the colour this week and we will be mixing paint to achieve this colour.  We will look at the flag of Barbados and identify the colours, shapes and symbol that make up the flag.  We will view a picture of an island and a picture of a map of Barbados and discuss the similarities to come to the conclusion that Barbados is too an island.

We have started reading and boy are these children like sponges.  They soak up everything.  So far they have been introduced to the following words:

it, at, cat, cot, box, boy, man, girl, is, and.

I am hoping to introduce at least two new words each day this week (except Friday).  I will do “little” and “a” today.  Tomorrow I will do “in” and “the”.  Thursday will be “come” and “look”.  Friday we will review the ones learnt.  Next week we will learn a few more and then begin to make sentences with them 🙂

I have mounted the words in the classroom so that they are in constant view and you can do the same at home. This strategy helps with their word attack skills.

Well Parents, it is kitchen time.  Hopefully I get back here to fill you guys in on more before the week is over.

Wishing you guys all the best,

Miss Foster


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