Missing You Guys

Good night Parents,

I have been away again and let me assure you it has been for very good reasons.  The schedule at work has been gruelling this past week.  I was sooooo tired on Friday evening that I needed most of Saturday to rest and recuperate but couldn’t really as I needed to make my usual library run and prepare a promised Saturday delicacy for the family.

It is now week eight.  The time is quickly “flying” by.  Very soon we will be wishing each other a Merry Christmas 🙂  I am however proud to report that with the passage of time, there has been lots of learning taking place in reception Foster. So here is what we will be up to in Reception Foster this week:

I had planned to send home the spelling words for their first Spelling test this past Friday; the number names one through five.  However, the photocopier was not working efficiently on Friday, and too, the little “problem” we had at the school totally threw plans into a tail spin.  Nonetheless, the words will be coming home on Friday (even if I have to write them out individually; something that I usually did with my other classes).  This week in Mathematics we will move on to the heart shape and I have plans to let the kids create an envelope from their heart shape cut outs ( Thank God for Pinterest!). Our colour will be orange as we have not had the opportunity to do enough with the colour.  I want us to mix the red and yellow paint to arrive at a beautiful orange colour. We will move on to number six and commence work on the concept of tall and short.  In Science we will  use the board rule and do some measuring of heights and the recording of the information gathered. We will move on to the letter “Ss” and commence the blending of letter sounds to make small words such as “Is” “it”, etc. ( We did not get the opportunity to do it last week).  I want to commence work on the basal reader and will be introducing the words boy, man and girl this week. In story telling we will listen to the story of “Sleeping Beauty”, and of course any others that pique our interest.  The rhyme this week will be “Simple Simon” and in Grammar we will continue to reinforce our antonyms. i will fill you in on the other plans later ( I’m a bit tired now).

I think the children are really enjoying being assigned tasks in the classroom and so I have rostered these kids to be my helpers this week:

Soap Helper -Zakiya Hall

Raina Leach – Play dough Helper

Emilee Inniss – Book Collector

Jhoelle Sharrier – Librarian ( I believe that she can assist me with sharing the books as well as I have come to recognize that she knows all the children’s names 🙂  )

Shamari Dallaway- Pencil Helper

Nalani Scantlebury – Classroom Monitor

Azaria Chase – Messenger

Rae Downes – Crayon Helper

I know I did not post the helpers last week but rest assured that I gave those who did not have a chance previously, the opportunity to assist me.  We have a relatively small class so the rotation comes around really quickly and too I have to take into account the children’s personalities, as everyone will not be happy being the messenger as some are shy.Neither will  everyone delight in the responsibility of being the Classroom Monitor as not everyone is bold and assertive or a leader for that matter of a fact.

Well Parents, I will try my utmost to be back with my regular posts.  I do have some stuff that I need to fill you in on.  So here is to a productive week ahead.  Be safe!


Miss Foster


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