Not Feeling Well

Good Morning Parents,

I just dropped by with a quick note to apologize for being “missing in action” over the weekend.  I was not feeling well and was laid up in bed for the majority of the weekend.  I did feel a little better yesterday morning and made my way to school. However, i am behind in most of what needed to be done over the weekend and mustered to strength yesterday to begin my tasks.  As soon as I feel better, and have caught up with my work, I will be back to make a more detailed post.

I hope you guys had a great weekend.

Miss Foster


6 thoughts on “Not Feeling Well

    • Thank you very much. I am feeling a little better now. I have not even called about the badges as yet 😦 School has been so hectic these past days and it does not seem as though there will be any improvement this term. I have made a plan to get them done by Secretarial Express during the Christmas Holiday 🙂

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