Busy Busy Busy

Good Morning Parents,

As the title says I have been busy as can be, both in and out of school.  This is a short week and school ends today because tomorrow is Teachers’ Professional Day. Parents I do apologize; I have been so busy that I totally forgot to post the weekly plan.  I know that I do have quite a few visitors who look forward to these updates.

Reception Foster is in working mode.  We have been busy learning and having fun.  Here is what we did this week thus far:

We heard the story of “Thumbelina”.  We worked on sequencing the events of the story for Comprehension. We worked on the letter “Tt” and the number 4.  We drew sets of four objects, learnt to write 4 and spell its name.  We also learnt the new number rhyme “Four Straight Soldiers” as well as the Number Rhumba for number 4…Four fine friends sat on the floor. We wrote both upper case and lower case “Tt” and identified words which make the “t” sound at the beginning.  Some children are very good at this activity while some need lots of practice with it.

In Mathematics we looked at the square shape.  We identified its four equal sides,, its four corners and its four angles.  We did some joining up of dots to make circles and will join up dots to make squares today.  We have modelled our letters, numbers and shapes with play dough.  We have completed worksheets on the concept of same and different.  We learnt the song “B-i-n-g-o”.  We did lots of work on identifying our names and the letters in our names.  We spelt the number names 1-4 as well as the days of the week.  We have also been reading the charts around the classroom ( Alphabet, Days of the week, Months of the year).  Today we will work on the colour yellow and I have a banana coloured for them to colour the peel yellow and we will collage the inner fruit with cream construction paper to make it look as realistic as possible.

The girls got the opportunity to dress up and they totally enjoyed it.  The boys of the other hand, who have no dree up clothes, played with blocks and fixed puzzles instead. Reception Foster learnt about the the body and discussed how girls’ bodies differ from boys’ bodies.  We learnt about personal hygiene in our Health and Family Life Education and discussed the things we do to keep our bodies clean. My little ones were asked to bring in empty personal hygiene containers ( soap boxes, body wash bottles, shampoo bottles, powder containers, etc.) but so far I have only seen one empty toothpaste box. My intention is to set up a small display with these containers.

In Religious and Moral Education our theme for the week has been Kindness and we discussed the story of the boy who shared his lunch.  We have identified that being kind means that we share what we have with others who are in need.

Today we will work assiduously to complete activities which have yet to be done.  It will be another busy day so I cannot forget to take my vitamin, We did lots more activities but time will not permit me to list them all right now as we are always busy in reception Foster.

I will send home an extra activity for Homework as the little ones have no school tomorrow.

Let me take this opportunity now to wish you guys a great weekend.

Until Saturday,

Miss Foster


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