Before You Know It

It will be Monday again and we will be back at school to the ringing of bells and noisy corridors.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE teaching.  I don’t think there is anything else I could do.  I think to myself often oh why oh why did I get into teaching. After all I cried everyday of school up to fifth form.  Yes, actual tears. Don’t judge people, the struggle was real; at least it was for me.

On leaving school I did not have any career goals at the time.  I guess I saw the world as my canvas and figured that there were just too many options to pin myself down to any one career field so early.  I in no way envied my friends who had their eyes set on their goals of becoming a doctor or an accountant.  I started teaching at the tender age of eighteen but you can say that I was being prepped for it way before that as my aunt would employ me on evenings after school to tutor my cousin in his weak areas and assist him with his homework.  From then I took my job seriously and I would have a plan book with all that I wanted to “teach” him each evening.  I really enjoyed those sessions.  I guess that is where the seed was planted, so it was no surprise when I interviewed with the Ministry of Education and was hired immediately.  The feedback that I received from my interview was inspiring and I set off into the field of teaching.

Throughout the years I have faced many challenges.  The dynamics of teaching have changed tremendously. I have seen what works and what doesn’t work.  I have made lifelong friends and  fostered treasured bonds with my students.  I saw a young lady the other day that I taught when I first started teaching and she ran to me and hugged me and said “Mam, I have to show you my little baby”.  She whipped out her cellphone and a gorgeous little Princess appeared on the screen.  She went on to reminisce about the days at school and the teachers that she loved most.

It feels good to know that you have impacted positively on a child’s life and that even into their adult life they can give you a hug with a warm heart and tell you how much you meant to them.  That is why I still teach.  That is why I love teaching 🙂  It is that fuzzy warm feeling that you get inside when you see the fruits of your labour.  That outshines the many classroom challenged I have to face daily.

Enough of my rambling.  I am going to get something for my tummy ache.  I think I overate last nigh in celebration of the weekend but I am now feeling the effects of what at the time seemed like bliss.

Have a great day parents!

Until later,

Miss Foster

P.S. Did the little ones tell you that we got through with the painting and collaging yesterday?  It was fun!


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