Where did the time go?

Tomorrow will be Friday and I will be dancing out of the classroom door in a grand welcome to the weekend.  But seriously…where did the week go?  I feel as though I am behind this week.  I think it is because I would have included lots of worksheets this week to allow student the opportunity to reinforce many of the concepts taught.  I must reiterate that my reason for doing this is because I prefer my students to master certain concepts before I push forward with the introduction and teaching of new ones.

We have not completed our plan of work for the week as we still have the hand prints and collaging to do.  We have however covered the core subjects like Social Studies, Health and Family Life Education, Mathematics, etc., but the the taxing artwork still needs to be done.  I like to do these activities when I have a “helper” in the classroom.  The Parent Support Volunteer was not feeling well this week and Ms. Springer the Infants’ Specialist Teacher is still on sick leave.  It has been a rough beginning to the term but I think I have found my new normal and will take everything in stride until I get it all done.

So tomorrow morning bright and early we will be doing our hand prints and and later in the afternoon we will work on the collaging.

I am making a desperate plea for some more dress-up items.  Parents, please help me out.  I want to be able to introduce it as one of our activities next week.  We are greatly lacking menswear. The men have not delivered at all.  Old ties, caps, sunglasses, old watches, you name it, we need it. I have a few old cell phones to add to the collection.  They children love these.  If you have anything at all you can donate, please do not hesitate to send it in.  As an added bonus I will be taking pictures and short video clips of the children engaged in this activity 🙂

Once again, thanks a whole lot for the great support I get from those of you who assist in any way possible. Thanks to those who take the time out to peep in here and post a comment.  Know that your kind words keep me encouraged.

Good Night,

Miss Foster


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