Life Changes

Good Morning Parents,

Life changes.  I know that we are all aware of this by now.  And as life changes, we must change as well.  This week we had some changes to our Science lesson.  In reminding me about her birthday yesterday morning, Emilee also reminded me about the “Blood Moon”.  I had read about it on the internet but did not think to make it a lesson until she shared her information on it.  It then struck me that it would be great if all the kids were privy to this information. Hence, our lesson planned previously has been placed back into my lesson plan folder to be completed next week instead.  Our Integrated Science lesson this week then focused on the moon and the changes it goes through according to shape.  We discussed the full moon, the half moon and the crescent moon.  We also discussed the “Blood Moon” and because blood is red the little ones dubbed it the “Red Moon”.  That led us into a longer discussion about the eclipse and how this phenomena comes about.  It was an interesting lesson.

I enjoyed sharing the information and trust me, the children were like little sponges all throughout.  Maybe they are right then, change is not such a bad thing after all.

Have a Terrific Thursday Parents!

Heading to the kitchen,

Miss Foster


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