Plan of Work for Week 5

Good Afternoon Parents,

The weekend went by so quickly.  I was able to do most things on my agenda except get back here to post.  Well, I am here now(better late than never) and I am going to share with you the plan I have made for this week.  Parents, please note that sometimes I don’t always stick to the plan I have made.  It is not set in stone as I do have to be very cognizant of the varying abilities in my class.

Reinforcement is the key word this week in terms of my lessons.  I will be reviewing the numbers taught thus far; 1,2,3, their names and their value.  The shapes and colours taught previously will also be reinforced this week through various activities.  We are also learning Mathematical language.  For example: single means one, double and twice mean two, triple and “tri” mean three.

We had our News lesson this morning and I added a fun element to it.  It’s called the Memory Game.  I think the children enjoyed it.  It was their first time playing this game so they were a bit unfamiliar but I know that next week everyone will be paying rapt attention as their classmates share their News. Playing the Memory Game to conclude this lessons forces students to pay close attention to what their peers are saying about their weekend activities.  It is an exercise in listening.  I will be rewarding stickers for those who get their questions right next week.

This week’s letter is the letter “Oo”.  We will look at this letter as well as go over the “Ll”, “Cc”, and “Aa” taught previously.  Reinforcement activities will be done on each letter throughout the week. One such activity will be identifying the following letters in their names when given their name cards.

The two stories I have chosen for this week are “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” and “Snow White and the Three Bears”.  Both stories will allow me to integrate some Mathematics with the number 3. Today we learnt that an author is a person who writes stories and an illustrator is a person who draws the pictures for the stories.  We also learnt that the title of a story can be found on the front cover of the story book.

This week’s Bible story has allowed me to integrate the number three as well.  It is “Noah’s Ark”.  As we know, Noah had three sons and those three sons had three wives. Noah also sent the dove out of the ark three times.  The number two was also focused on when we did this story today, as Noah took two of each kind of animal into the ark.

In our writing lessons we will be joining up dots to form letters and numbers taught.  We will also be modelling them with the play dough.  Remember I said that playing with play dough helps to build those muscles which children need for writing.  Modelling with play dough is also a Pre-writing activity because it allow students to see exactly how the numbers / letters , shapes even, are formed.

In Health and Family Life Education we will look at the process and importance of hand-washing. Students will learn the correct way to wash their hands so as to eliminate the germs which they come into contact with.

For Social Studies, we will talk about the doctor.  Last week in our Health and Family Life Education lesson, we discussed a list of diseases which can be contacted.  Eg. Ebola, Measles, Chicken pox, etc. This week we will discuss the necessary steps one would / should take if they are not feeling well. Hence, we will discuss the role the doctor plays in keeping us healthy as well as in helping us to regain our health when it deteriorates.

Art and Craft – I am not really a craft person but I will try my best to do some hand prints with the little ones this week.  We will colour as usual in our colouring books and illustrate a variety of stories heard.  Free expression painting with green paint will take place this week as we did not get the opportunity to do it last week.  Instead we constructed triangles using strips of green construction paper.

Science – In Science we have been monitoring the weather.  This week we will continue to monitor weather pattern but we will also be doing a little experimenting this week. I want to look at the ways our bodies move.  I also want to take a look at running on the ramp and with a toy car show how when it is on a flat surface it moves with some control but when placed on the ramp it moves faster.  I will do some research on the best way to teach this concept as students are always enquiring why they are not allowed to run on the ramp.

Well Parents, the roster has been placed in the classroom and students were made aware of their roles for this week.  Hopefully it is as productive a week as the previous one.

Wishing you guys a great week as well.

Off to rub in citronella,

Miss Foster


2 thoughts on “Plan of Work for Week 5

  1. I really enjoy this blog i am getting great insight in the children’s daily activity “NICE” i got an Ebola lesson on Monday or Friday not sure I also heard about the red moon the “Eclipse” of which i was not aware. thanks for this its really nice Kymani’s mother

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