It’s the Weekend

Good Morning Parents,

Praise God for the weekend!  I am exhausted.  I know who are not exhausted though…your little ones.  They have so much energy to spare, it is amazing.  Well, Reception Foster had a productive week.  We covered most, if not all, of what was planned for the week.  We did not paint with green paint but did colour some things which are commonly green.  It was another hectic week as we were once again short of staff and I had to pop out for a few hours on Thursday to attend a funeral.  Nonetheless we persevered and were successful in meeting all the objectives for the week.

I forgot to bring home my book with the parent contact information.  I need to touch base with some parents with regards to the behaviour of their child. I doubt many think of the way negative behaviours impact the learning environment.  I urge you parents to insist that your child behaves appropriately at school.  Talk to them often.  Let them understand that the purpose of school is to learn what is being taught.  Dr. Brown, the Principal of Queen’s College always says that his institution is a place of serious business.  Well Parents, I agree with Dr. Brown 100%.  Reception Foster is a place of serious business.  Yes we will have fun, we will play games and by extension will enjoy all that school has to offer but when it comes time for learning I get down to serious business. I hold firm to the old adage “There is a time and a place for everything”.

So now that is out of the way let me say that I have informed my students that from next week I will be placing a roster for helpers in the classroom.  Students will be rostered on a rotation basis so as to allow each child the opportunity to be a helper.  Do note though, that I will at any time take away a child’s position as a “helper” if he/she proves to be unworthy of such a position. So without further ado, here is a list of the helpers I will need in any given week and the duties they will perform in their roles.

Soap Helper – Helps distribute the soap at snack time and lunch time

Pencil Helper – Collects the pencils

Crayon Helper- Distributes and collects the bowls of crayons.

Class Monitor – “Polices” the class when the teacher is away.( We teachers need to urinate too 🙂 ) Makes sure that students keep the classroom as tidy as possible.

Play dough Helper – Helps distribute and collect the play dough.

Book Collector – Collects students’ books.

Librarian – Fixes the books in the class library.

Messenger – Takes notes/ messages for the teacher.

Here is the roster then for week 5:

Soap Helper – Alena Brathwaite

Crayon Helper – Raina Leach

Book Collector – Keyerri Waithe

Class Monitor – Jahzara Payne

Librarian – Kofi Clarke

Play dough Helper – Emilee Inniss

Messenger – Jayel Williams – Springer

Pencil Helper – Jho’elle Sharrier

Well Parents, I am off now to do some chores.  Do have a great day and I will be back later with a few more posts.

Off to the laundry room,

Miss Foster


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