We Have Playdough

Good Morning Parents ( in a whisper again),

I know by now some of you are wondering…Does this woman sleep?  Well before some of you leave thinking that I don’t , let me declare that I do.  I am quite aware that it is 1:06 am. but sometimes the rigours of the day have it such that I hit the sack around 8 pm. and then I wake at these hours for a few minutes to complete anything I would have omitted before hitting the sack.

I have promised myself that I would try to check in here on a regular basis and keep you, my faithful visitors updated, so hence the reason why I sleep-walked over to my computer at this “ungodly hour”.

Many thanks to Emilee’s mum, Tatiania, who made us some playdough from scratch.  Oh my, the little ones are enjoying it.  It is of a softer texture than the plasticene and moulds with ease.  They love it!

Many thanks as well to Jho’elle’s mum, who donated two containers to the class.  I have allocated one for crayons and the other one I use to store the new playdough that Emilee’s mum donated.

I am still very much looking forward to some more containers, and as I say all the time, I recycle.  So parents, your finished butter containers are acceptable too.  The crates that the veggies come in (yes the white and green Styrofoam ones) are acceptable too, as they can be used as paint pallets.  If you have any old shoe boxes I can take them and cover them with some pretty gift wrap paper and then we have some lovely storage boxes in the classroom.  I would utilise these for storing the accessories that are sent for the dress up corner ( the necklaces, sunglasses, defunct cell phones, etc.). So parents if you have any such items in your possession, please don’t throw them in the bin; donate them to our class.

Well, everything is coming along just fine this week thus far, and hopefully I can give a positive recap over the weekend.  It’s back to bed for me now as you do need all eight hours of “shut eye” to deal with these precious gems.

Night, Night, ( or should I say Good Morning ?),

Miss Foster


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