Missing You Guys

Good night Parents,

I have been away again and let me assure you it has been for very good reasons.  The schedule at work has been gruelling this past week.  I was sooooo tired on Friday evening that I needed most of Saturday to rest and recuperate but couldn’t really as I needed to make my usual library run and prepare a promised Saturday delicacy for the family.

It is now week eight.  The time is quickly “flying” by.  Very soon we will be wishing each other a Merry Christmas 🙂  I am however proud to report that with the passage of time, there has been lots of learning taking place in reception Foster. So here is what we will be up to in Reception Foster this week:

I had planned to send home the spelling words for their first Spelling test this past Friday; the number names one through five.  However, the photocopier was not working efficiently on Friday, and too, the little “problem” we had at the school totally threw plans into a tail spin.  Nonetheless, the words will be coming home on Friday (even if I have to write them out individually; something that I usually did with my other classes).  This week in Mathematics we will move on to the heart shape and I have plans to let the kids create an envelope from their heart shape cut outs ( Thank God for Pinterest!). Our colour will be orange as we have not had the opportunity to do enough with the colour.  I want us to mix the red and yellow paint to arrive at a beautiful orange colour. We will move on to number six and commence work on the concept of tall and short.  In Science we will  use the board rule and do some measuring of heights and the recording of the information gathered. We will move on to the letter “Ss” and commence the blending of letter sounds to make small words such as “Is” “it”, etc. ( We did not get the opportunity to do it last week).  I want to commence work on the basal reader and will be introducing the words boy, man and girl this week. In story telling we will listen to the story of “Sleeping Beauty”, and of course any others that pique our interest.  The rhyme this week will be “Simple Simon” and in Grammar we will continue to reinforce our antonyms. i will fill you in on the other plans later ( I’m a bit tired now).

I think the children are really enjoying being assigned tasks in the classroom and so I have rostered these kids to be my helpers this week:

Soap Helper -Zakiya Hall

Raina Leach – Play dough Helper

Emilee Inniss – Book Collector

Jhoelle Sharrier – Librarian ( I believe that she can assist me with sharing the books as well as I have come to recognize that she knows all the children’s names 🙂  )

Shamari Dallaway- Pencil Helper

Nalani Scantlebury – Classroom Monitor

Azaria Chase – Messenger

Rae Downes – Crayon Helper

I know I did not post the helpers last week but rest assured that I gave those who did not have a chance previously, the opportunity to assist me.  We have a relatively small class so the rotation comes around really quickly and too I have to take into account the children’s personalities, as everyone will not be happy being the messenger as some are shy.Neither will  everyone delight in the responsibility of being the Classroom Monitor as not everyone is bold and assertive or a leader for that matter of a fact.

Well Parents, I will try my utmost to be back with my regular posts.  I do have some stuff that I need to fill you in on.  So here is to a productive week ahead.  Be safe!


Miss Foster


Not Feeling Well

Good Morning Parents,

I just dropped by with a quick note to apologize for being “missing in action” over the weekend.  I was not feeling well and was laid up in bed for the majority of the weekend.  I did feel a little better yesterday morning and made my way to school. However, i am behind in most of what needed to be done over the weekend and mustered to strength yesterday to begin my tasks.  As soon as I feel better, and have caught up with my work, I will be back to make a more detailed post.

I hope you guys had a great weekend.

Miss Foster

Busy Busy Busy

Good Morning Parents,

As the title says I have been busy as can be, both in and out of school.  This is a short week and school ends today because tomorrow is Teachers’ Professional Day. Parents I do apologize; I have been so busy that I totally forgot to post the weekly plan.  I know that I do have quite a few visitors who look forward to these updates.

Reception Foster is in working mode.  We have been busy learning and having fun.  Here is what we did this week thus far:

We heard the story of “Thumbelina”.  We worked on sequencing the events of the story for Comprehension. We worked on the letter “Tt” and the number 4.  We drew sets of four objects, learnt to write 4 and spell its name.  We also learnt the new number rhyme “Four Straight Soldiers” as well as the Number Rhumba for number 4…Four fine friends sat on the floor. We wrote both upper case and lower case “Tt” and identified words which make the “t” sound at the beginning.  Some children are very good at this activity while some need lots of practice with it.

In Mathematics we looked at the square shape.  We identified its four equal sides,, its four corners and its four angles.  We did some joining up of dots to make circles and will join up dots to make squares today.  We have modelled our letters, numbers and shapes with play dough.  We have completed worksheets on the concept of same and different.  We learnt the song “B-i-n-g-o”.  We did lots of work on identifying our names and the letters in our names.  We spelt the number names 1-4 as well as the days of the week.  We have also been reading the charts around the classroom ( Alphabet, Days of the week, Months of the year).  Today we will work on the colour yellow and I have a banana coloured for them to colour the peel yellow and we will collage the inner fruit with cream construction paper to make it look as realistic as possible.

The girls got the opportunity to dress up and they totally enjoyed it.  The boys of the other hand, who have no dree up clothes, played with blocks and fixed puzzles instead. Reception Foster learnt about the the body and discussed how girls’ bodies differ from boys’ bodies.  We learnt about personal hygiene in our Health and Family Life Education and discussed the things we do to keep our bodies clean. My little ones were asked to bring in empty personal hygiene containers ( soap boxes, body wash bottles, shampoo bottles, powder containers, etc.) but so far I have only seen one empty toothpaste box. My intention is to set up a small display with these containers.

In Religious and Moral Education our theme for the week has been Kindness and we discussed the story of the boy who shared his lunch.  We have identified that being kind means that we share what we have with others who are in need.

Today we will work assiduously to complete activities which have yet to be done.  It will be another busy day so I cannot forget to take my vitamin, We did lots more activities but time will not permit me to list them all right now as we are always busy in reception Foster.

I will send home an extra activity for Homework as the little ones have no school tomorrow.

Let me take this opportunity now to wish you guys a great weekend.

Until Saturday,

Miss Foster

Helpers for Week 6


It just occurred to me that I need to get some badges with these helpers on them so that I can give the kids to wear to school each day for the week that they are the helper and they can return them to me on Friday afternoons at the end of the school day. Next week I will look into the price of having some printed.

I must commend last weeks’s helpers.  They did an AWESOME job.

Here are the helpers for Week 6:

Soap Helper : Azaria Chase

Pencil Helper: Micah Broomes

Play dough Helper: Nalani Scantlebury

Book Collector: Eden Ward

Librarian: Rae Downes

Crayon Helper: Amari Goddard

Messenger: Kymani Hinds

Class Monitor: Nakiya Prescod-Headley

We have been learning this poem this week and you guys can help to reinforce it at home.

Busy Hands

Hands are used for working.

Hands are used for play.

Hands are used one…

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Before You Know It

It will be Monday again and we will be back at school to the ringing of bells and noisy corridors.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE teaching.  I don’t think there is anything else I could do.  I think to myself often oh why oh why did I get into teaching. After all I cried everyday of school up to fifth form.  Yes, actual tears. Don’t judge people, the struggle was real; at least it was for me.

On leaving school I did not have any career goals at the time.  I guess I saw the world as my canvas and figured that there were just too many options to pin myself down to any one career field so early.  I in no way envied my friends who had their eyes set on their goals of becoming a doctor or an accountant.  I started teaching at the tender age of eighteen but you can say that I was being prepped for it way before that as my aunt would employ me on evenings after school to tutor my cousin in his weak areas and assist him with his homework.  From then I took my job seriously and I would have a plan book with all that I wanted to “teach” him each evening.  I really enjoyed those sessions.  I guess that is where the seed was planted, so it was no surprise when I interviewed with the Ministry of Education and was hired immediately.  The feedback that I received from my interview was inspiring and I set off into the field of teaching.

Throughout the years I have faced many challenges.  The dynamics of teaching have changed tremendously. I have seen what works and what doesn’t work.  I have made lifelong friends and  fostered treasured bonds with my students.  I saw a young lady the other day that I taught when I first started teaching and she ran to me and hugged me and said “Mam, I have to show you my little baby”.  She whipped out her cellphone and a gorgeous little Princess appeared on the screen.  She went on to reminisce about the days at school and the teachers that she loved most.

It feels good to know that you have impacted positively on a child’s life and that even into their adult life they can give you a hug with a warm heart and tell you how much you meant to them.  That is why I still teach.  That is why I love teaching 🙂  It is that fuzzy warm feeling that you get inside when you see the fruits of your labour.  That outshines the many classroom challenged I have to face daily.

Enough of my rambling.  I am going to get something for my tummy ache.  I think I overate last nigh in celebration of the weekend but I am now feeling the effects of what at the time seemed like bliss.

Have a great day parents!

Until later,

Miss Foster

P.S. Did the little ones tell you that we got through with the painting and collaging yesterday?  It was fun!

Where did the time go?

Tomorrow will be Friday and I will be dancing out of the classroom door in a grand welcome to the weekend.  But seriously…where did the week go?  I feel as though I am behind this week.  I think it is because I would have included lots of worksheets this week to allow student the opportunity to reinforce many of the concepts taught.  I must reiterate that my reason for doing this is because I prefer my students to master certain concepts before I push forward with the introduction and teaching of new ones.

We have not completed our plan of work for the week as we still have the hand prints and collaging to do.  We have however covered the core subjects like Social Studies, Health and Family Life Education, Mathematics, etc., but the the taxing artwork still needs to be done.  I like to do these activities when I have a “helper” in the classroom.  The Parent Support Volunteer was not feeling well this week and Ms. Springer the Infants’ Specialist Teacher is still on sick leave.  It has been a rough beginning to the term but I think I have found my new normal and will take everything in stride until I get it all done.

So tomorrow morning bright and early we will be doing our hand prints and and later in the afternoon we will work on the collaging.

I am making a desperate plea for some more dress-up items.  Parents, please help me out.  I want to be able to introduce it as one of our activities next week.  We are greatly lacking menswear. The men have not delivered at all.  Old ties, caps, sunglasses, old watches, you name it, we need it. I have a few old cell phones to add to the collection.  They children love these.  If you have anything at all you can donate, please do not hesitate to send it in.  As an added bonus I will be taking pictures and short video clips of the children engaged in this activity 🙂

Once again, thanks a whole lot for the great support I get from those of you who assist in any way possible. Thanks to those who take the time out to peep in here and post a comment.  Know that your kind words keep me encouraged.

Good Night,

Miss Foster

Fun Site

It’s me again.  I came across this website this weekend when I was browsing for Science lesson ideas for my class.  I am a bit “rusty” in the teaching of Science as it has not been in my portfolio for a while.  Since being assigned to  West Terrace Primary, Science has been one of the subjects taught by a specialist teacher.  In order to keep relevant and also to provide my little ones with a fun way to learn I surfed the internet.  I came upon this site and I am in love with many of the ideas I gathered here.

Have a look Parents: