Plan of Work

Good Morning Parents ( in a whisper),

It is 2:10 am.  I know that I should be in bed but I like to keep my promises.  I came home yesterday afternoon exhausted and before 8 pm. I was fast asleep.  I remembered that I did not post here so I got up to keep my promise.  I looked at my plan of work book and wondered if I should just take a picture of my written plan of work but decided against it.  I am still sleepy , but I will struggle through it, even if I have to use shorthand as much as possible 🙂

So what’s the plan for this week?

Mathematics:  Colour-  green, Shape – triangle, number- three, concepts: big/ little, near/ far Language: single, double, twice, thrice.

Poetry: Repetition of nursery rhymes and jingles.  Learning the speech training rhyme for letter “Aa”.

Alphabet Knowledge:  The Letter “Aa”; both upper and lower case; its shape, sound and words which begin with it.  N.B parents: letter “Aa” is a vowel and therefore has 2 sounds, a long sound and a short sound. We started this yesterday.  Today we will look at the shape at the letter and do some modelling with play dough.

Composition: We will compose short sentences to create a story about our short field trip to observe the school warden at work.  We did this short activity yesterday afternoon.

Story Telling & Comprehension:  We have completed one story thus far “The Gingerbread Man” .  We have used this story of the Gingerbread Man to create a pictograph to depict students’ favourite characters.  From this pictograph we have done some oral  comprehension. Eg. Which character does children like the most?  Which character does children like the least? etc.  Later we will practise skills such as retelling the story in their own words, sequencing the events of the story and such like.

Social Studies:  We will take a look at the Community Health Nurse and the role that he/she plays in keeping us healthy.

Health/ Family Life Education:  The discussion this week will be about the immunization process.  We will discuss the necessity of this process and hopefully a visit from the nurse will help to eliminate some of the fears most children have of when the nurses come to the school to give their annual immunizations.

Science:  Reception Foster will discuss the foods that we can eat to keep us healthy and free from diseases.

Art & craft:  As usual we will continue our weekly illustrations of the stories heard and news reports.  We will model our numbers, shapes and letters with the play dough.  We will paint with green paint.  We will collage the number three and do something creative with the letter A (I have to search for something interesting).  We will also use strips of card to create triangles.

Now Parents, you have a general gist of what’s going on this week.  If I missed a category please do not take it to heart, but my bed is screaming my name.

Wishing everyone who visits a productive week.

P.S.Thanks also for your continued support.  Remember that it is you the parents who provide the “fuel” for me to blog.  A “shout out” to both of Jho’elle Sharrier’s parents who took the time out to leave me some positive and encouraging words.  Not to be forgotten is Stephanie, Kofi Clarke’s mum who did the same and seems to be a regular here :). Know that your visits mean a whole lot to me. Have a great one you guys!

Stumbling back to bed,

Miss Foster


7 thoughts on “Plan of Work

  1. Hi Ms. Foster, this is Keyerri’s mom, I truly than you for taking the time out to keep us abreast of what is going on in the educational aspect of our children’s life. The information shared here is very thorough and helps us to reinforce what you have taught throughout the week. I’m amazed by your dedication to your job and more importantly to our kids. Taking the time out in the wee hours of the morning to ensure we are up to date

    Keep up your fantastic work and I look forward to working with you this school year for the betterment of my daughter.

    • Awwwwww! Thank you for taking the time out to post as well. It is always a great pleasure working hand in hand with those parents who are willing to take this journey with me. Cheers to an awesome year!

    • Hi Keisha! I have not received any items at all for the dress-up corner as yet. When I do have items the fun really is doubled because children enjoy the Performing Arts lessons so much more when they are in character. Hopefully we shall get some stuff soon. I am preparing a few of my own items this week:)

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