Week Four Already

Good Afternoon Parents,

Yes you have read correctly.  It is week four already.  I know, I know!  It seems like only yesterday that you were bringing in your little gems for the first time.  Well, as they say, time flies when you are having fun.  I can say that we have been having lots of fun in Reception Foster.

On Friday we celebrated World Peace Day which was actually celebrated worldwide the previous Sunday.  I was given some white and blue balloons by my senior teacher, to be inflated and released by the students after break.  Before releasing the balloons, my students and I had a brief discussion about the meaning of peace as well as the colour white and the white dove being symbols of peace. This was done before each child paired with a partner and released their shared balloon on the playing field adjacent to the school’s play-park.  The lack of helium in the balloons saw them going only a short distance before loud “paxes” could be heard.  Nonetheless, I believe that the activity served its purpose.

I have spent the weekend trying my utmost best to recover from a gruelling week.  I am still to plan my lessons for the week ahead and therefore shall be back later tonight or tomorrow evening to give you an update as to what your little ones will be learning in their fun-filled classroom this week.

Have a great week Parents!

Back to the couch,

Miss Foster


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