Very Happy

It was so great to see those who attended our first Parent Teacher Conference.  It was an awesome opportunity us to share in an open environment.  I thank those who contributed positively and I have a fuzzy, warm feeling inside that this is going to be a blessed year.  I am looking forward to moulding my little charges into the best individuals they can be.  I am amazed at the positive attitude they hold towards school-work, as well as the ability of their small minds to be sooooo knowledgeable already. I can tell that as long as we get the few behavioural challenges ironed out, we are going to be soaring academically, as this group is really enthusiastic about school, and hence, I expect nothing but great things from them all.

So what have we been up to this week?

In Mathematics we have moved  on to the number two,  We looked at its shape, its name (spelling), and the value of two.  Hence, we have hopped two times, jumped two times, clapped two times, sent two kisses, chosen two books, crayons, blocks.  We recited number rhymes and jingles s well. Eg. “I’ve Got Two Eyes…” , “Two Little Fingers”, Number Rhumba”.  We also modelled number two with the playdough, collaged a number two and practised tracing over and over again a big number two that I drew so as to familiarize themselves with the shape (Number two takes a lot of practice). Tomorrow we will look at the oval shape&the colour blue. I reinforced the concept of big and little both as a mathematical concept and a grammar concept ( antonym/ opposite).
As you would have heard, the story of “The Big Little Bus” was read.  After hearing the story two times, students chose their favourite character as well as shared why this character was their favourite one. This story allowed us to practise our counting as well as expand our thinking ( The little bus carried more passengers than the big bus…hmmmmm.)
We viewed the big Nursery Rhyme Book and recited popular rhymes such as “Little Jack Horner”, “Little Miss Muffet”, “Jack and Jill”, etc.
We discussed the school’s Security Guard, Auntie Denise.  We described her uniform and her duties.  After the lesson students made illustrations of her.
Healthy and Family Life Education focused on safety at school once again but this time we discussed keeping the classroom clean and tidy so that we will be safe health-wise.  
Phonics and Alphabet Knowledge focused on the letter “Cc” this week.  We viewed the letter, made its sound (it is not a voiced sound, it is one that is made in the throat, let the little one demonstrate for you :)), identified words that make the ‘”c” sound, learnt the rhyme for letter “c”.  We practised writing the letter with crayons, writing it in the sky with our fingers (called sky-writing) and we modelled it with playdough. Tomorrow we will join up dots to write the letter “Cc’ as we completed the exercise in the First Writing Book which required that we identify the letter Cs and colour them.
Let me see…
Religious Education taught the moral of disobedience and its consequences through the story of Adam and Eve being sent away from the Garden of Eden because of their disobedience to God.  We learnt the song “Adam In the Garden Hiding” to accompany the story.  The Music & Movement lesson this week was an exciting one.  Mr. Belgrave taught the musical notes ( whole note, half note, quarter note.  I usually listen in when I am in the classroom), and the children sang, clapped, danced; they had fun.
We fixed puzzles, modelled playdough, read books from the book corner, coloured in our colouring books.  It was a full week.  We had some of Miss Smith’s children with us and they added to the learning atmosphere in a positive light.  Although it was a challenging week having over thirty children in one classroom, the children’s response to the lessons taught made it all worthwhile.
The weekend is fast approaching so Iwill wrap up here by saying “Have a great weekend parents!”.
P.S. Do not forget to purchase the drawing books.
Time for tomorrow’s preparations,
Miss Foster

4 thoughts on “Very Happy

  1. Was wondering if there are any sites u can suggest, where I can find worksheets for him to trace #2 & 3 as Amari has a problem with these numbers. Thanks in advance

    • Hi Terrilyn! I have quite a few worksheets in my portfolio that you I can send home over the weekend in his folder for you. I have not been to any sites lately looking for such worksheets as I have a stockpile that I just usually rotate year after year. Please do take note that activities of modelling these numbers with playdough will assist in the easy writing of the numbers as well. So over the weekend, allow Amari the opportunity to make the playdough / plasticene into number 2 and number 3 as well. I will try my best this weekend to do some internet surfing and whatever I find I will share with you. Thanks for the visit 🙂

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