What a Week!

Good Morning Parents,

I thought it would be nice to give you guys a short update on the past week as well as provide a little insight into what we will be working on next week.

The week has passed and boy am I glad!  Getting a child to settle into a new environment is a rough task, so imagine getting 22 children to attain the same goal. Although many have shown great progress in this area, there are still a few who have some work to be done behaviour-wise.  However, I assure you that we will continue to work positively on this during the coming week.

Next week’s plan of work includes basically reteaching what I would have started this week.  We will be looking at the letter “Ll” , its shape, the sound it makes and words beginning with the letter “Ll”.  We will be modelling that letter with plasticine as well as joining up dots to write the letter.

We begun work on number one this past week and we will shall continue with this number.  We will be focusing on the shape, spelling of the number name and the value of the number one.  We will take a look at the circle shape and the colour red and focus on the concept of big and little.

The story for the week will be “The Little Red Hen” and for Social Studies we will be having discussions with the various workers at our school.  We will have short interviews with the School Meals servers, Janitors, the General Worker and the Gardener.  Providing that the Clerk/typist is there, we will have a little chat with her as well about what her job entails.  The Health and Family life Education lesson will focus on safety at school and for Art and Craft we will collage the letter “Ll” and paint circles.

The Composition lesson will  afford students the opportunity to relay in detail their weekend experiences.  Lots more activities will be done on a daily basis which includes colouring in their colouring books, fixing puzzles, etc.

Looking forward to the week ahead,

Miss Foster


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