Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Goodnight Parents,

First let me say that it was a pleasure to meet most of you on Orientation Dy as well as Tuesday, the first day of school.  I am once again happy to welcome both you the parents and my little bundles of joy to Reception Foster.  I pray that this will be a productive term and that we meet all educational targets as well as surpass many expectations.  

The week has started and is swiftly coming to a close.  The books and educational supplies are all sorted and the little ones are getting familiar with their new environment.  In a few weeks, we the teachers of the Reception classes shall invite you back to discuss how your precious gems are settling in.  At this meeting we shall also discuss the educational goals we hope to achieve this term as well as give you an idea of how we plan to achieve these goals.  You will also be informed of how best you can assist the teacher, and by extension your child, to be successful in this endeavour.

I want to say a big thank you to those parents who have donated the hand soap, hand sanitizer and toilet tissue that we so desperately need in our classroom.  I also want to remind those who  have yet to make their contribution that they can do so at their earliest convenience.  

Once again, it is a great pleasure…

Miss Foster



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