Plan of Work

Good Morning Parents ( in a whisper),

It is 2:10 am.  I know that I should be in bed but I like to keep my promises.  I came home yesterday afternoon exhausted and before 8 pm. I was fast asleep.  I remembered that I did not post here so I got up to keep my promise.  I looked at my plan of work book and wondered if I should just take a picture of my written plan of work but decided against it.  I am still sleepy , but I will struggle through it, even if I have to use shorthand as much as possible 🙂

So what’s the plan for this week?

Mathematics:  Colour-  green, Shape – triangle, number- three, concepts: big/ little, near/ far Language: single, double, twice, thrice.

Poetry: Repetition of nursery rhymes and jingles.  Learning the speech training rhyme for letter “Aa”.

Alphabet Knowledge:  The Letter “Aa”; both upper and lower case; its shape, sound and words which begin with it.  N.B parents: letter “Aa” is a vowel and therefore has 2 sounds, a long sound and a short sound. We started this yesterday.  Today we will look at the shape at the letter and do some modelling with play dough.

Composition: We will compose short sentences to create a story about our short field trip to observe the school warden at work.  We did this short activity yesterday afternoon.

Story Telling & Comprehension:  We have completed one story thus far “The Gingerbread Man” .  We have used this story of the Gingerbread Man to create a pictograph to depict students’ favourite characters.  From this pictograph we have done some oral  comprehension. Eg. Which character does children like the most?  Which character does children like the least? etc.  Later we will practise skills such as retelling the story in their own words, sequencing the events of the story and such like.

Social Studies:  We will take a look at the Community Health Nurse and the role that he/she plays in keeping us healthy.

Health/ Family Life Education:  The discussion this week will be about the immunization process.  We will discuss the necessity of this process and hopefully a visit from the nurse will help to eliminate some of the fears most children have of when the nurses come to the school to give their annual immunizations.

Science:  Reception Foster will discuss the foods that we can eat to keep us healthy and free from diseases.

Art & craft:  As usual we will continue our weekly illustrations of the stories heard and news reports.  We will model our numbers, shapes and letters with the play dough.  We will paint with green paint.  We will collage the number three and do something creative with the letter A (I have to search for something interesting).  We will also use strips of card to create triangles.

Now Parents, you have a general gist of what’s going on this week.  If I missed a category please do not take it to heart, but my bed is screaming my name.

Wishing everyone who visits a productive week.

P.S.Thanks also for your continued support.  Remember that it is you the parents who provide the “fuel” for me to blog.  A “shout out” to both of Jho’elle Sharrier’s parents who took the time out to leave me some positive and encouraging words.  Not to be forgotten is Stephanie, Kofi Clarke’s mum who did the same and seems to be a regular here :). Know that your visits mean a whole lot to me. Have a great one you guys!

Stumbling back to bed,

Miss Foster


Week Four Already

Good Afternoon Parents,

Yes you have read correctly.  It is week four already.  I know, I know!  It seems like only yesterday that you were bringing in your little gems for the first time.  Well, as they say, time flies when you are having fun.  I can say that we have been having lots of fun in Reception Foster.

On Friday we celebrated World Peace Day which was actually celebrated worldwide the previous Sunday.  I was given some white and blue balloons by my senior teacher, to be inflated and released by the students after break.  Before releasing the balloons, my students and I had a brief discussion about the meaning of peace as well as the colour white and the white dove being symbols of peace. This was done before each child paired with a partner and released their shared balloon on the playing field adjacent to the school’s play-park.  The lack of helium in the balloons saw them going only a short distance before loud “paxes” could be heard.  Nonetheless, I believe that the activity served its purpose.

I have spent the weekend trying my utmost best to recover from a gruelling week.  I am still to plan my lessons for the week ahead and therefore shall be back later tonight or tomorrow evening to give you an update as to what your little ones will be learning in their fun-filled classroom this week.

Have a great week Parents!

Back to the couch,

Miss Foster

Very Happy

It was so great to see those who attended our first Parent Teacher Conference.  It was an awesome opportunity us to share in an open environment.  I thank those who contributed positively and I have a fuzzy, warm feeling inside that this is going to be a blessed year.  I am looking forward to moulding my little charges into the best individuals they can be.  I am amazed at the positive attitude they hold towards school-work, as well as the ability of their small minds to be sooooo knowledgeable already. I can tell that as long as we get the few behavioural challenges ironed out, we are going to be soaring academically, as this group is really enthusiastic about school, and hence, I expect nothing but great things from them all.

So what have we been up to this week?

In Mathematics we have moved  on to the number two,  We looked at its shape, its name (spelling), and the value of two.  Hence, we have hopped two times, jumped two times, clapped two times, sent two kisses, chosen two books, crayons, blocks.  We recited number rhymes and jingles s well. Eg. “I’ve Got Two Eyes…” , “Two Little Fingers”, Number Rhumba”.  We also modelled number two with the playdough, collaged a number two and practised tracing over and over again a big number two that I drew so as to familiarize themselves with the shape (Number two takes a lot of practice). Tomorrow we will look at the oval shape&the colour blue. I reinforced the concept of big and little both as a mathematical concept and a grammar concept ( antonym/ opposite).
As you would have heard, the story of “The Big Little Bus” was read.  After hearing the story two times, students chose their favourite character as well as shared why this character was their favourite one. This story allowed us to practise our counting as well as expand our thinking ( The little bus carried more passengers than the big bus…hmmmmm.)
We viewed the big Nursery Rhyme Book and recited popular rhymes such as “Little Jack Horner”, “Little Miss Muffet”, “Jack and Jill”, etc.
We discussed the school’s Security Guard, Auntie Denise.  We described her uniform and her duties.  After the lesson students made illustrations of her.
Healthy and Family Life Education focused on safety at school once again but this time we discussed keeping the classroom clean and tidy so that we will be safe health-wise.  
Phonics and Alphabet Knowledge focused on the letter “Cc” this week.  We viewed the letter, made its sound (it is not a voiced sound, it is one that is made in the throat, let the little one demonstrate for you :)), identified words that make the ‘”c” sound, learnt the rhyme for letter “c”.  We practised writing the letter with crayons, writing it in the sky with our fingers (called sky-writing) and we modelled it with playdough. Tomorrow we will join up dots to write the letter “Cc’ as we completed the exercise in the First Writing Book which required that we identify the letter Cs and colour them.
Let me see…
Religious Education taught the moral of disobedience and its consequences through the story of Adam and Eve being sent away from the Garden of Eden because of their disobedience to God.  We learnt the song “Adam In the Garden Hiding” to accompany the story.  The Music & Movement lesson this week was an exciting one.  Mr. Belgrave taught the musical notes ( whole note, half note, quarter note.  I usually listen in when I am in the classroom), and the children sang, clapped, danced; they had fun.
We fixed puzzles, modelled playdough, read books from the book corner, coloured in our colouring books.  It was a full week.  We had some of Miss Smith’s children with us and they added to the learning atmosphere in a positive light.  Although it was a challenging week having over thirty children in one classroom, the children’s response to the lessons taught made it all worthwhile.
The weekend is fast approaching so Iwill wrap up here by saying “Have a great weekend parents!”.
P.S. Do not forget to purchase the drawing books.
Time for tomorrow’s preparations,
Miss Foster

What a Week!

Good Morning Parents,

I thought it would be nice to give you guys a short update on the past week as well as provide a little insight into what we will be working on next week.

The week has passed and boy am I glad!  Getting a child to settle into a new environment is a rough task, so imagine getting 22 children to attain the same goal. Although many have shown great progress in this area, there are still a few who have some work to be done behaviour-wise.  However, I assure you that we will continue to work positively on this during the coming week.

Next week’s plan of work includes basically reteaching what I would have started this week.  We will be looking at the letter “Ll” , its shape, the sound it makes and words beginning with the letter “Ll”.  We will be modelling that letter with plasticine as well as joining up dots to write the letter.

We begun work on number one this past week and we will shall continue with this number.  We will be focusing on the shape, spelling of the number name and the value of the number one.  We will take a look at the circle shape and the colour red and focus on the concept of big and little.

The story for the week will be “The Little Red Hen” and for Social Studies we will be having discussions with the various workers at our school.  We will have short interviews with the School Meals servers, Janitors, the General Worker and the Gardener.  Providing that the Clerk/typist is there, we will have a little chat with her as well about what her job entails.  The Health and Family life Education lesson will focus on safety at school and for Art and Craft we will collage the letter “Ll” and paint circles.

The Composition lesson will  afford students the opportunity to relay in detail their weekend experiences.  Lots more activities will be done on a daily basis which includes colouring in their colouring books, fixing puzzles, etc.

Looking forward to the week ahead,

Miss Foster

Games Days

Good Morning Parents,

I have received quite a few enquiries about the days on which games will be held for the students of Reception Foster.  I have received my timetable and it reflects that Wednesdays and Thursdays have been designated as our days for Physical Education.  I believe that some students would have already received their games clothes packages and therefore you can dress your child/ ward accordingly from next week.  If however, your child is yet to receive the games clothes, you can if possible dress him/ her in a blue shorts and a blue t-shirt until the appropriate wear is acquired.

Pizza Day


Just a reminder to let you guys know that Pizza Day will be on Thursdays.  The cost of a slice of pizza is $3.50. There are two choices: meat or veg.  Remember, this is not mandatory as School Meals will still be served on this day.  However, if your child takes pizza then we recommend that they do not take the School Meals as the lunch is usually ordered short on this day to avoid wastage.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Goodnight Parents,

First let me say that it was a pleasure to meet most of you on Orientation Dy as well as Tuesday, the first day of school.  I am once again happy to welcome both you the parents and my little bundles of joy to Reception Foster.  I pray that this will be a productive term and that we meet all educational targets as well as surpass many expectations.  

The week has started and is swiftly coming to a close.  The books and educational supplies are all sorted and the little ones are getting familiar with their new environment.  In a few weeks, we the teachers of the Reception classes shall invite you back to discuss how your precious gems are settling in.  At this meeting we shall also discuss the educational goals we hope to achieve this term as well as give you an idea of how we plan to achieve these goals.  You will also be informed of how best you can assist the teacher, and by extension your child, to be successful in this endeavour.

I want to say a big thank you to those parents who have donated the hand soap, hand sanitizer and toilet tissue that we so desperately need in our classroom.  I also want to remind those who  have yet to make their contribution that they can do so at their earliest convenience.  

Once again, it is a great pleasure…

Miss Foster