Hello Parents

I am a little late in getting here.  First let me say welcome to the blog “Reception Foster: Where the fun is at”.  I hope that you find last school year’s posts insightful and gather from the posts a little bit about the kind of teacher I am.


I just want to take this opportunity to list a few reminders.

1) Make sure that every item belonging to your child is labelled.

2) Provide your little one with a bottle of water each day.

3) Remember too much sugary snack equals no work in the classroom.

4) Hand soap and hand sanitizer required.

5)  Each child should have a change of clothing in his / her bag.  It does not have to be an extra uniform.


Have a great day patents and once again I look forward to the rewarding experiences we will share on this journey together.

Ready and rearing to go

Miss Foster


2 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Welcome to the blog Lisa. No I have no specific day for the little ones to bring fruit but I would prefer if some fruit (preferably their favourite) was packed each day. A small quantity is acceptable so maybe a few grapes or half of an apple can be added to the lunchbox in addition their regular snack.

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