Hi Parents,

I clicked on this video this morning as I wanted to post some rhymes for the little ones to enjoy and also help as reinforcement of rhyming for the little ones as some of them were having difficulty with the concept of identifying the words that rhyme. The first thing I realized about this video was that the narrator had an Indian accent. The first thing I thought was maybe I should look for another one. Then I said to myself (an no myself did not say “Yow!”, # Porgie and Murda) why should I.  After all, we live in a world with a multiplicity of nationalities ,races and cultures and we should expose children to them and not allow them to live in a vacuum.  We must expose them to the diverse world in which we live at every opportunity we get.  So parents, here are the nursery rhymes (many of them known and well-liked by the little ones) with the Indian lady.  I hope they enjoy and by extension, you guys enjoy as well.

Of course after watching you can discuss with your little one the difference between the accent of the lady and the children and their own accent.Then of course you guys can research some interesting stuff about India.

Wishing everyone a  great week ahead,

Miss Foster



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