Video Fun


Here are some youtube videos for you to share with your little ones.  Most of them would highlight the concepts taught this school year and can be used as a revision tool to get your little ones ready for their End of Year Examinations.



Miss Foster


4 thoughts on “Video Fun

  1. Excellent videos. Thanks too for the book Teigan kept telling me about the wolf’s side of the story so I had to find out.

  2. Good morning Ms Foster…Teigan isn’t well (he has a fever and a sore throat) and will not be in today. Of course he is very upset at missing his numeral test and I hope it can still be done tomorrow if he has improved. Regards Teigan’s Mom.

  3. Hi Tamara. Sorry to hear that Master Teigan is not feeling well. I hope he feels much better soon. I had quite a few absences yesterday so I did not administer the numerals test. I will administer it some time later this week so hopefully he will be back by then.

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