Test Time



The end of term tests are printed.  Yes parents, the Language Arts and Mathematics tests were printed  yesterday and today will be spent stapling them together and getting them ready for testing on Wednesday.

Let me take this opportunity to wish my students all the best in their examinations.

Ms. Foster




Video Fun


Here are some youtube videos for you to share with your little ones.  Most of them would highlight the concepts taught this school year and can be used as a revision tool to get your little ones ready for their End of Year Examinations.















Miss Foster


Hi Guys,

Sorry for the long hiatus, but we all know how things got over on my side.  With a little less than four weeks left in the term and with a slight touch of the flu, I have returned to give you guys an “inside scoop”on what is happening in our classroom.


I am proud to say that we have managed to cover the majority of work required for the little ones to go on to Infants A.  We have completed the reader and basically use it right now to build fluency.  Being a reader is good, being a fluent reader is awesome. That’s where I want my little ones to be when they leave me.

I am so proud of the progress they have made, especially in the development of their mathematical concepts.  We are on to the concept of addition and trust me, they are like sponges.  Next week we start subtraction, so look out parents.

We have been working assiduously on our word families. Blending letter sounds is the concept we are working on.  It is important that the little ones get confident in this skill because this is how they will learn to decode new words that they meet when they are reading. I  have explained to them that not all words can be decoded phonetically ( using the sound system)as there are some words ( called sight words) that they will have to commit to memory and be able to attack them just  by seeing them.

Our Health & family Life Education sessions are proving to be very interesting.  The little ones are enjoying the theme “Our Animal Friends” and everyone is learning lots, myself included.

I am not really an artistic person so our Art and craft lessons have really been focused on colouring ( still can’t seem to get them to colour inside the lines at all times)and painting.  We have done some collage from time to time but that’s about it when it comes to Art.  I am sorry parents I really don’t have an artistic bone in my body.However, whatever the kids did they enjoyed immensely.  Next time I’ll be seeking out one of my parents in the early to assist me in this area.

Our Performing Arts lessons on the other hand, have been fantastic  The little ones enjoy role play and dramatizing their favourite characters from the stories heard. These lessons are usually filled with laughter and always go over the intended time.

What I can say to you parents as we fast approach the time for our little ones to show us just how much they have learnt in the past year (annual examination time) is to remember that all children learnt at different rates.  Everyone will not have attained the same targets but what I can tell you is that they have been exposed to the various concepts in the classroom. Something they learn today may not click or make sense to them right away but with consistent repetition they will surely attain it along the way.

I can feel my Panadol Multisymptoms wearing off, so that’s all for today guys.  I will pass through again soon.


Miss Foster