Back Up and Running

Hi Folks,

I know, I know!  I have been missing in action.  I have been super busy so I apologize.

Parents can you believe it?  We are into our final term of the school year already, and before we “blink twice”  it’s going to be over.  With nine more weeks left and still lots of concepts to cover, it’s going to be hectic in Reception Foster.  More than ever your little one will need to be settled and pay rapt attention so as to grasp the new concepts being taught this term.

So what have we done so far this term?

1)  We have reviewed our numbers 0-10. This includes writing the numeral and its name, counting objects/pictures and accurately recording the value, making sets of objects to represent a given number, filling in the missing number in a sequence, reviewing sets which are more and those which are less.  We have also made a pictograph to depict our favourite animal and have done lots of work interpreting this and other pictographs.

2) We have reviewed all the words learnt last term.  No new words have been introduced for the term thus far.  Here is a list of the words reviewed this week:

a, at, that, want, sees, see, boy, boys, bird, in, it, is, one, two, box, she, he, girl, and, the, you, look, tree, man, I, comes, come, can, Lucky dip, little, to, birds

We have read the passages from the Basal Reader  “Lucky Dip” which contains the words we have learnt thus far.

Spelling and making oral sentences with these words are just a few of the activities we have done in class as well.

3)  Our theme for this term is “Our Animal Friends”, so in Science, Social Studies and Health and Family Life Education we have been learning about animals.

4)  The children’s writing is progressing nicely.  They are learning to form their letters correctly and copy accurately from the chalkboard.  However many are still having challenges “sitting on the line” and this practice should therefore be encouraged at all times.

5)  Their verbal skills are to be commended. Our oral exercises continue to allow them the opportunity speak in complete sentences, use correct inflections in their tone, and such like.

6)  Of course they have been developing socially in the Centers of Interest and as a result they are learning to share, to take turns, to help each other, to listen to their peers, along with many other concepts.

Parents, weekly I will update the blog with plans for the week ahead.  You can therefore get an idea as to what we are doing in the classroom and provide your little one with corresponding activities to participate in at home on afternoons after school.

Monday Maths will resume from Monday and  will be filled with great activities to help your child in the area of mathematics. Keep an eye out for that.

Unwinding before the work really begins,

Miss Foster