Look What I Found

Some of my little darlings:











Hope you guys enjoyed.  I certainly did.

Miss Foster


2 thoughts on “Look What I Found

  1. Aww what cute photos…I can tell you miss them immensely already 🙂 Not to worry Teigan is ready and rearing to come back to school and shall see you tomorrow. I heard that the school fair is Saturday coming is that correct? Also any word on when the nurse is coming back to administer the immunisation shots to the kids like Teigan who missed out when you were on sick leave? He was never given a note by the substitute.

    • Hi Tamara.Sorry for the tardy reply but I just wasn’t getting the opportunity to update the blog. Mrs. Aswat has promised to call the nurse and find out when she will be back to administer the injections.I am not sure if she remembered to call because she did not get back to me with any information pertaining to that. What I would advise you to do is to call the Polyclinic which Teigan is attached to and let the nurse know of the situation and see if you can get him to have the shot there.I will in the meantime ask Mrs. Aswat to follow through on her promise as there are many others in the class who did not receive the shot. Thanks so much for the reminder.

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