Look What I Found

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Hope you guys enjoyed.  I certainly did.

Miss Foster


Reinforcement is Key

Good morning fine Ladies and Gentlemen,




How is everyone doing?  I hope that all is well and that you guys are enjoying having the little ones home on vacation.  I am super happy for the short break.  It gives me time to get some much needed rest  and relaxation and also refuel for the upcoming term.  I take the opportunity while I am away from the classroom to do some much required reading of educational journals and research to keep myself abreast of what strides are being made in education globally and learn new techniques and strategies.

Parents, I have decided that I will resume posting to the blog on a regular basis when the new term begins on April 23rd., 2012.  In the meantime I will share any interesting information I find and any new, fun, educational sites which I think will brighten the little ones’ days. 

Remember parents, reinforcement is one of the key elements of learning.  Make sure that while on vacation, that you engage your children in thought-provoking conversations, encourage them to spell and make sentences with the words they have learnt thus far.  Read to them, let them read to you, engage them in various activities which will allow them the opportunity to show off their counting skills.  Allow them draw places visited  or interesting things done and give you a simple sentence about their drawing. 

I am sure that if this is done, come the end of the month everyone will be ready and rearing to go.

Going back to bed,

Miss Foster