The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round



Hi Parents,

How are you guys doing?  Better than I am I hope.  For the entire week I have been battling an ear infection.  I am sure that most of you would have heard by now from your little ones that I left school early on Wednesday for the ENT’s office.  I was in that much pain.  He requested that  I take leave from the classroom so as to get the adequate rest to allow the prescribed antibiotic to work.  I spent Thursday at home and headed off to school on Friday as I did not want to disappoint my little ones by not going on the tour with them. Oh the agony of an earache!  Those who have experienced one before would know the pain of which I speak.  I guess because I have not obeyed the doctor’s orders I will have to suffer a while longer.

I am pleased to report that Reception Foster had an AWESOME time yesterday on our tour.  To be honest I have never had such an awesome bunch of children.  My tour was very much stress-free and that is exactly what I needed especially with my “painful” condition.  The little squabbles and the displays on inappropriate behaviour were kept to a minimum; Thank the Lord!  What can I say, my little ones made me proud to be their teacher yesterday.

Our first stop was the Cheapside Public Market.  There we met and interacted with the many vendors who ply their trade there.  We observed the many fruits, vegetables and herbs on offer; many familiar but some very new to us.  We were also afforded the opportunity to view the Meat Room.  There we met the butchers and saw many different types of meats.  Then it was off to the Probyn Street Fire Station.  Fire Officer 289 Griffith was our tour guide.  He gave us a fantastic tour of the Fire and Rescue tender.  Each child got the opportunity to get aboard the truck and learn all the little intricacies about its functions.  Next Mr. Griffith quickly suited up and took us to the hydrant.  There we saw how he affixed the “standpipe” and attached the hose.  Again each child got a chance to use the hose.  Even the teachers got the opportunity to do it as well.  I must admit that it was lots of fun.  If this was not enough excitement for the children already, Mr.Griffith our tour guide, then took us back to the Fire and Rescue tender and showed us how the “Jaws of Life” operate.  It was fun.

The bus left the fire station after 12 o’ clock for our short journey to Queen’s Park where we had lunch and played in the play park.  Tired and exhausted after a long fun-filled day we boarded the bus and headed for school at 2:30 pm.  

A great time was had by all that attended.  Most importantly, lots of learning took place and I am sure that come Monday the many drawings will depict this fact.

Have a great weekend all and as this weekend is a “free” weekend ( NO HOMEWORK) make sure to take some time out to let your little ones watch the videos or visit the fun sites I have posted here.

Going back to bed,

Miss Foster


3 thoughts on “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

    • Thanks so much Dennis and Tina. I am felling a lot better today. I have not recovered 100 percent as yet but I am getting there slowing. The pain has abated somewhat with my steady intake of painkillers but I am still waiting on the antibiotic to get rid of the infection. Have a great Sunday!

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