We Missed It!




Shucks!  We missed it!  World Read Aloud Day that is. 

Last year the students of West Terrace Primary School were treated to stories read aloud by volunteers from the U.W.I. Cave Hill Campus. This year March 6th was the slated date and unfortunately it passed unnoticed by most.  I am only now remembering it.  It would have been nice if the students could have experienced the same activity as I thought that it was an excellent initiative which was greatly enjoyed by last year’s beneficiaries. Failing that, I have decided to do some activity for my class in recognition of the day.  

We are still in the month of March and I believe that we can still quickly plan an activity to mark the day, though passed.  Do I have any volunteers?  

What I will do is go to the Audio Visual Aids Department of the Ministry of Education and borrow some of their big books and one of you guys can volunteer to come in and read one or two stories for the little ones. It’s that simple.

Let me know if you are willing and then I can go about planning the activity for an afternoon in the not too distant future.

 Here are some links about World Read Aloud Day:




Keeping my fingers crossed for volunteers,

Miss Foster



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