Monday Maths


Good Morning Parents,

I trust and pray that all are well.  I have been having a restful weekend thus far and I hope that you guys can echo the same sentiments.  This morning I have a new idea which I want to share with you guys.  I have been tossing it around in my head for a while and I think that now is the perfect time for “the baby to be birthed”.

Monday Maths is the creative name of a weekly post I will make every Monday right here on the blog. From experience I know that many persons have a great fear of Maths. Big adults hide from STATS course at university.  Many choose degrees in the faculty of Humanities so as to escape the horrors of having to do Maths courses.

This dislike for the subject most likely would have been created at some time during their elementary education.  By the time they reached secondary school we would have heard them all sing the same song “Maths is hard.  I hate Math!”  I believe that as a lover of Maths I can aid in remedying this situation.

As a parent, we are our child’s first teacher.  Statistics have proven time and time again that parents who are actively involved in their child’s education ( and I don’t just mean attending Parent Level meetings or PTA meetings)  usually have more successful children.  Now who doesn’t want their child to be successful?  Monday Maths is going to assist you parents in building your child’s love for the subject and in turn creating successful mathematics students.

I always use the analogy of building a house to stress the importance of early childhood education.  I often say that as long as a firm foundation is laid you can build as many stories as you like.  However if a weak foundation is laid then we know what problems we will face sooner or later. In other words, if the early mathematical concepts are taught well, these students will go on to be great Mathematics students all throughout life.  However, if these early mathematical concepts are not taught and REINFORCED, then as these children progress through the school system they are likely to fall behind in the subject, thus creating a great dislike for it.  That we do not want at all.

So Parents, from tomorrow you can look forward to your FREE session of Monday Maths right here on the blog.  This post will give you guys fun everyday activities that you can do with your child at home so as to reinforce the mathematical concepts taught in the classroom. These practical activities are simple and fun, and trust me your little ones will enjoy them immensely.

Helping you to help them,

Miss Foster


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