Full Steam Ahead




We wrote in our exercise books on Friday.  Yes, we had our first formal Writing lesson on Friday and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by my kids’ writing progress.  We headed up our books with the titles Reception and Writing and copied two simple sentences from the chalkboard: Today is Friday.  It is sunny. 

 What I did was I modelled the writing of the individual letters of each word for the children on ruled lines on the chalkboard and they copied them after me.  Of course when I was writing these letters I gave an oral description of how it’s done.  Children were encouraged to let their letters sit on the line.  We also learnt that we must leave a space between each word for our writing to be legible.  

Last week I did not introduce the “it” family as planned.  I decided to spend a little more time reinforcing the “at”, “an” and “in” families.  Maybe this week we will move on to the “it” family.  I want my children to know what they know well so that is why I made the decision to slow things down a bit and do a few more reinforcement lessons and activities with the words learnt recently before moving on.

This week I propose to continue with the formal Writing lessons, each time copying at least two sentences from the chalkboard.

In our reading lessons this week we will meet the new words:




can (we met this word when we did the “an” family)

Sentences such as the following will be added to their repertoire:

Look at that.  

That is a big bin.

Can she come?

The girl and the boy come to see.

Can you see the little birds?

Come to the Lucky dip.


Add these new words and sentences to your flashcards  and sentence strips Parents. You can also encourage your little ones to practise writing them by copying them from the cards.


Getting back to my Sunday chores,

Miss Foster


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