It’s on the Floor



Our class’ floor covering is finally down.  On Tuesday afternoon I stayed after school, and with the help of the Physical Education teacher, I put down the floor covering. The effects of all the pulling and tugging have made this week a physically challenging one for me.  I have been really tired since Tuesday but nonetheless I am trudging on.  Friday is around the corner, so I already have my weekend booked for rest and relaxation so that next week I am rejuvenated and ready to go again.

So have the children been enjoying the covering?  Oh yes!  It has done so much for the classroom.  We are now able to sit with our legs crossed on the floor and watch videos and listen to stories.  Block play is so much more fun on the floor as well.  Fixing large puzzles can be accommodated there too. So many new possibilities have come with new teaching space; the floor.  It is awesome!

Ask your little on to describe the floor covering to you.  Let him or her tell you what colour it is.  Question him or her about the print on it?

Turning cartwheels,

Miss Foster


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