Horray for New Resources

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Today I have been made even happier folks.  This afternoon Teigan’s mum brought a box of books and puzzles for the class.  I cannot even begin to tell you guys how grateful I am for these new resources.  The books in the Book corner are definitely in need of replacement as they are over-read by the students. Students’ interest has been slowly waning because of a lack of “new” age-appropriate books for them to choose from.  Now this is no longer a challenge that I face.  At present many of the books in the Book corner are in poor condition because of mistreatment by students and of course the months of “wear and tear”. 

However, before I allow my eager students to use the new resources we will have to have a refresher course about how I expect all materials to be handled and treated.  Parents you can assist me in this area by of course enforcing proper book handling skills at home.  I teach certain rules when it comes to handling books and other resources in my classroom and maybe you can use these as a guideline for your little ones to follow at home:

Rule Number 1

No handling of books with dirty hands.

Rule Number 2

No eating and handling books at the same time.

Rule Number 3

Always turn pages of books with great care.

Rule Number 4

Do not draw or write on or in books.

With these rules enforced I am sure that these “new” books will have a long life in Reception Foster.


Of course the playing with the puzzles will only be enjoyed by all if certain rules are followed as well.  These rules are as follows:

Rule Number 1

No playing with puzzles without adult permission.

Rule Number 2

All puzzle pieces must be kept on the table at all times.

Rule Number 3

All puzzle pieces must be placed in the correct box after use.

Rule Number 4

All puzzle boxes must be taped after use.



Thanking Miss Warner sincerely,

Miss Foster


3 thoughts on “Horray for New Resources

  1. You’re welcome! Teigan bugged me and bugged me about looking through the library to find some books to donate. I hope the kids enjoy them! Now he has me on collecting bottle covers for ‘counters’. Just don’t let him take over your class 😀

    • Hi Miss Warner! I so appreciate the books. The little ones are enjoying them immensely. I have to pack them away on afternoons as other groups use our classroom and if I don’t do this, very soon we won’t have any books to read. They are all age-appropriate and very relevant. Yes, yes! The bottle covers…I like my little ones to be involved in any way that they can. They make very good collectors, don’t they? Oh man, Teigan is awesome. He tries to take over the class sometimes you know, that’s just his personality. I do indulge him sometimes, but most times he is just happy to make suggestions. He says, ” Oh teacher I have an idea…” And trust me some brilliant ideas they are. He is truly a little genius in the making.

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