“IN” Family

Happy Saturday Parents,

I hope everyone had a productive week.  Reception Foster had an awesome week.  We learnt so much this week.  I believe that right now I am one of the happiest teachers in Barbados.  My students are learning so well and I am tremendously pleased with their progress thus far.

When this term started I would have never imagined that these students would be so enthusiastic about learning to read.  They are like sponges and readily soak up the new words taught each week and are doubly excited when I declare my intention of introducing a new word family.

It was no different this week when we met the “in” family.  You would have seen these words come home on their spelling cards in their homework folders.  Please allow your little ones to learn these words over the weekend.  We will be interacting with them in our Reading lessons next week.  As always when we learn new words, our vocabulary as well as our reading expands.

How are the flashcards coming along?  You can construct some for the “in” family to assist your young ones in becoming familiar with these words. Sentence strips allow them to see these words in use so you can also add a few of these sentences to your Bristol board.

Here is a Youtube video to reinforce the concept.  Remember parents, reinforcement is key.   Allow your little ones to interact with these concepts in different ways as this increases their chance of them learning the concepts.

I see a big bin.

Look at the little pin.

Can you see the tin?

Smiling from ear to ear,

Miss Foster


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