Roster for Week 9

Goodnight Parents,


I am wondering if it serves any purpose posting the roster for the week here.  Not many parents log on to the blog, so it may be wiser to just inform students of their roles when they attend school on the first day of the school week.

I will have to decide what I will do pertaining to the weekly roster, but until then here is the list of helpers for this week:

Soap Helper (Girl ) – Rasharra Fredricks

Soap Helper (Boy) – Ranico Roach

Book Corner Helper (Girl) – Destiny Barnett

Book Corner Helper (Boy) – Christen Smith

Crayon Helper – Jonathan Thompson

Pencil Helper – Travon Forde

Messenger – Teigan Forde

Book Helper – Mekhi Morris

Playdough Helper – Jaden Millar

Class Monitor – Hayley Cumberbatch

Parents you will notice that I have added a few more helpers to the list; one to assist with the book corner duties and another to assist with the supervision of students when the teacher happens to be away from the class.  This proves for smoother running of the classroom.

Working on  a “Helping Hands” chart for the classroom,

Miss Foster


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