New Words & Grammar

Yes Parents,

Once again we are at the beginning of another week.  It’s a week filled with possibilities.  One of these possibilities became a reality today when we met the new words” is” and “in”.  We also reviewed the words “one” and “two”.  I don’t have to tell you just how much our reading will increase with these new words.

With the word “two” being reintroduced we have been discussing the use of the pluralizer “s”.  So today we had an oral mini lesson of the Grammar topic of one and more than one, or what we commonly refer to as “Singular and Plural”.  We came to the realization that we can say one boy , but we cannot say two boy; we have to say two boys.  The same can be said for girls and bird.

Are you pleased with your child’s reading progress?  They are enjoying the lessons more and more and this therefore brings me great joy.

Singing in my heart,

Miss Foster



2 thoughts on “New Words & Grammar

  1. Good morning Ms Foster

    Yes I am amazed at my daughter’s improvement. We know we can’t save some of the parents but we can save some of the children, to bad for the parents that is not on board with the blog because their are missing out alot and not keeping inline with their children learning development (what a shame). I look forward everyday to read your blog and to keep abreast with what is being thought in the classroom. Once again keep up the good work that you are doing. You’re are setting the bar so high for my next teachers to follow.

    • Thanks Dennis. I am glad to know that you are still with me. Sometimes I wonder where all the parents are and why it is so quiet around here. Thanks for making an effort to stop by and post a comment from time to time, it keeps me encouraged.

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