Happy Easter



Good Morning All,

I am just passing through to wish you guys a Happy and Blessed Easter.  Always remember the reason for the season.


Miss Foster


Easter Fun Day



Good Morning Parents,

I am late with this notice and I apologize but I have been super busy.  Today is our Easter Fun Day at school.  The little ones will require some funds so as to enjoy the numerous events planned for the day.  Make sure to give them some extra money so that they can partake in the Easter egg hunt, play video games, and of course get their delicacies.

Monday Maths was omitted this week as I was still recovering from my ear infection and trying to cover the work load that I had planned for the week.  As soon as things slow down in my camp I will be back to my regular scheduled programming.

Wishing you guys an awesome day,

Miss Foster

Food Allergies

I came across this article and thought that I would share it.  

Have a peep guys:

Life With Food Allergies: Why Every Parent Should Care

Reports Needed



Good Afternoon Parents,

Yes it is true! We are fast approaching the end of the second term and of course the two week long Easter break. It is now that time when teachers work assiduously to make a summative assessment of each child’s performance during the past term.  I am therefore asking that all reports sent home the previous term be signed and returned to school by Tuesday 26th March, 2013 so as to allow me adequate time to complete them and have them ready for submission to my senior for approval.

If you for any reason you have misplaced this important document, please inform me as soon as possible so that I can arrange to have another one prepared for your child.


With sincere gratitude,

Miss Foster

Sunday Lunch



Good Morning Folks,

I hope the weekend is going well for you guys.  I am not in as much pain as I was in on Friday but I still have the pesky little bug in my ear.  Hopefully “he” goes by tomorrow so that I can have a productive week in the classroom.  

So parents, how many of you guys let the little ones assist with the cooking of Sunday lunch?  I know the strange looks I must be getting right now.  I know that it’s our goal to get in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible on weekends, Sundays especially.  Many have adopted the modern family tradition of “eating out” on Sundays. Plus, who wants their little on in harm’s way, as most of usstill deem the kitchen as the least suitable room in the house for the kiddos.  Well Parents, I am here to tell you that the kitchen is one of the most educational places in your home.  Lots of mathematical skills that will benefit these little ones for life can be learnt right at home, in the kitchen.

Cooking involves the mathematical skill of measurement. We measure our ingredients, some to precision, some we estimate. There you see, estimation is a concept that can be taught right there in the kitchen as well. The concept of and time can also be taught.  Are you guys following me? 

So include your little ones in your tasks in the kitchen.  Get them to measure the cups of rice, weigh the flour, estimate the quantity of herbs required. Let them practise the language; full, half full, one cup, a pinch, one tablespoon. Set your timer to monitor baking / cooking time  (45 minutes for the whole chicken, 30 minutes for the cookies, etc.)

Have fun guys!!  Enjoy it now while they are little and they want to help.  Not only will you be spending quality time with your child, but you will surely enjoy their assistance and they will be learning loads at the same time.


Back to cooking alone,

Miss Foster

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round



Hi Parents,

How are you guys doing?  Better than I am I hope.  For the entire week I have been battling an ear infection.  I am sure that most of you would have heard by now from your little ones that I left school early on Wednesday for the ENT’s office.  I was in that much pain.  He requested that  I take leave from the classroom so as to get the adequate rest to allow the prescribed antibiotic to work.  I spent Thursday at home and headed off to school on Friday as I did not want to disappoint my little ones by not going on the tour with them. Oh the agony of an earache!  Those who have experienced one before would know the pain of which I speak.  I guess because I have not obeyed the doctor’s orders I will have to suffer a while longer.

I am pleased to report that Reception Foster had an AWESOME time yesterday on our tour.  To be honest I have never had such an awesome bunch of children.  My tour was very much stress-free and that is exactly what I needed especially with my “painful” condition.  The little squabbles and the displays on inappropriate behaviour were kept to a minimum; Thank the Lord!  What can I say, my little ones made me proud to be their teacher yesterday.

Our first stop was the Cheapside Public Market.  There we met and interacted with the many vendors who ply their trade there.  We observed the many fruits, vegetables and herbs on offer; many familiar but some very new to us.  We were also afforded the opportunity to view the Meat Room.  There we met the butchers and saw many different types of meats.  Then it was off to the Probyn Street Fire Station.  Fire Officer 289 Griffith was our tour guide.  He gave us a fantastic tour of the Fire and Rescue tender.  Each child got the opportunity to get aboard the truck and learn all the little intricacies about its functions.  Next Mr. Griffith quickly suited up and took us to the hydrant.  There we saw how he affixed the “standpipe” and attached the hose.  Again each child got a chance to use the hose.  Even the teachers got the opportunity to do it as well.  I must admit that it was lots of fun.  If this was not enough excitement for the children already, Mr.Griffith our tour guide, then took us back to the Fire and Rescue tender and showed us how the “Jaws of Life” operate.  It was fun.

The bus left the fire station after 12 o’ clock for our short journey to Queen’s Park where we had lunch and played in the play park.  Tired and exhausted after a long fun-filled day we boarded the bus and headed for school at 2:30 pm.  

A great time was had by all that attended.  Most importantly, lots of learning took place and I am sure that come Monday the many drawings will depict this fact.

Have a great weekend all and as this weekend is a “free” weekend ( NO HOMEWORK) make sure to take some time out to let your little ones watch the videos or visit the fun sites I have posted here.

Going back to bed,

Miss Foster

Introducing Monday Maths

Goodnight Parents,



Mathematics, or Maths, as it is commonly referred to, is about NUMBERS, SHAPES and PATTERNS.  It is counting, measuring things, discovering similarities and differences, and solving problems. 

I strongly believe that children who are read to, learn to read.  I also support the belief that children who are “mathed with,” learn Mathematics.  Doing Mathematics together can be as pleasant for families as sharing a good book.

Monday Maths will provide you the parent with a variety of playful Mathematics activities for you and your child to enjoy together while using everyday situations and materials.

So before I  formally begin my session, I beg you to ponder on this statement made by Patsy Kanter:

“It is important for home and school to join hands.  By fostering a positive attitude about Mathematics at home, we can help our children learn Mathematics at school.” – from Helping Your Child Learn Math by Patsy Kanter, U.S. Department of Education.

I totally agree with Patsy.  Do you?


So with out further ado, here is your first session.


Children enjoy counting things.  As parents, you should always be on the lookout for opportunities for your children to practice this skill. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how counting things brings about many playful and productive mathematics activities.


Stand in front of your house or apartment building.  How many window can be seen?  How many doors?  Now count the windows and doors at the back of the building. Which had more windows?  Which had fewer ( or less) doors?  Parents this simple yet valuable activity can be done at home or when you are out and about with your little one.  It can be done on a visit to Grandma’s house, or when they go to church.  The possibilities are endless. 

I urge you to be as creative as you can be.

One, two, three, four,

Miss Foster