The Reading Rocket



Our reading has taken off. The children are enthusiastic when it comes to their Reading lessons. Each day they are learning the magical power of words.

So where are we with our reading?

This week we have met three new words:

1. Look

2. at      (learnt this when they did the “at” family last week)

3. tree

We have also met the “an” family this week, so words such as ban, can, Dan, fan, man, pan, ran, tan and van are now a part of their vocabulary.  Not only have we met these words, we have  discussed their meanings and also looked at how they can be incorporated into our reading by using them in sentences alongside the words we already know from the basal reader.

So now we are reading sentences such as these:

Look at Dan.

I see a big tree.

Look at the little tree.

Can you see the bird?

The boy and the girl look at the tree.

The boy and the man pat the cat.

Dan and Pat look at the rat.

A fat cat sat on the little mat.

My, my, my!  Do you see how much they are learning?

Their ability to recognize and state the words quickly (word attack skills) is also improving.

So parents you can add these new words to your Bristol board and make those nice flash cards that I am sure you have started already.  Don’t forget to make your sentence strips as well.

Also preparing my flashcards and sentences strips,

Miss Foster


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