Open Wide



 Parents, the dentist from the Polyclinic visited the students of West Terrace Primary School today to examine their teeth.  

Those children whose teeth require attention were given a note to be taken by the parent to the dental clinic where they are required to schedule an appointment for the child.

Parents it is important that we look after our children’s teeth.  I notice a growing trend now where everyday children are bringing money to purchase a Ring Pop at snack time.  Now parents don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with the children having their little pocket change to buy their choice of snack from the vendor at school. My problem is them eating the Ring Pops at snack time and then having those sugars linger in their mouth until after dinner-time because I assume that’s when they shower, brush their teeth and go to bed. I think the best time to have those sweet snack is on evenings, closer to the time when they brush their teeth.  So parents be wise when packing those lunch kits and remember that fruits and veggies make great snacks too.  We want our children to have a clean bill of health all around.

Munching on an apple,

Miss Foster



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