Celebrating Black History Month





Good Afternoon Parents,

It has been a long, hard day, but guess what…

Our flags are up!  Yes we have managed to collage some flags of Senegal and Mali and have them displayed in the classroom.

I know that some of you have been interacting with your children on the topic our African heritage, as this morning I received a lovely painting of a Senegalese flag from one of my students, Master Teigan ( as I affectionately refer to him).  Keep up the good work Miss Warner!  It warms my heart to know that some of my parents are on-board with me and are genuinely interested in their child’s education.

Talk to your child about their Art and Craft experience. Get them to tell you the colours of the flags they collaged and the symbols present.   Question them as to what they have learnt about Black History month.  You may be surprised just how much they know now.

Hoping to take some pictures tomorrow,

Miss Foster



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