We Must Do Better


“Hands and feet to self!”  “Hands and feet to self!”

Parents have you been chanting the mantra to your little ones?  I don’t thinks so.  There are still too many instances of physical aggression in our classroom.  I am still having to stop in the middle of lessons to address these issues and of course it takes away from valuable time spent teaching.

After lunch alone, I spend at least twenty minutes investigating issues that would have occurred on the playground and all of them have the same common thread running through them; physical aggression.

Parents we have to nip these behaviours in the bud.  We must keep chanting “Hands and feet to self!” I am depending on you to help me.

Today we discussed all of the marvellous things our hands can do.  Let’s reinforce these at home and I am sure that  our classroom will become a safer, more peaceful environment for our young ones.

Depending on each and every one of you,

Miss Foster


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