Everyone is Shouting “BINGO!!!”



Yes, it’s true parents.  Reception Foster has been playing BINGO on a consistent basis and we have been enjoying it. 

In an effort to get children familiar with their sight words, I have created some bingo cards.  Each card has six of the sight words that we have learnt so far on it.  Each child is given a card and six “covers”.  I then call the sight words in any random order and the child who is able to cover all of his or her words first shouts “BINGO!” 

Today I made cards with words we met previously from the “at” family and we immensely enjoyed our BINGO game.  Tomorrow we will play again, but this time we will be using BINGO cards with the number names, numerals and letters of the alphabet.  I know, those are a lot of cards to make but it is so worth the fun that we have playing the game. 

I know that you guys are probably envying us right now (especially the BINGO fans), but you shouldn’t.  You guys can do what I did and create the game cards and covers at home.  It’s easy and fun.  To ensure that you have a fair game what you can do is to make some flash cards with the words(or letters or numbers for that matter of a fact) and place them in a bag.  You can then allow your child to be the leader of the game and call the words pulled from the bag before covering his or her word.  

Did I hear you say “BINGO?”,

Miss Foster 



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