Hands Clasped and Eyes Closed

Good Afternoon Parents,



Do any of you guys remember having to recite Psalm 23 at school, or is it only me?

I am sure that many of you would be aware by now that I am keeping the tradition of the learning of memory verses and certain scriptures alive in my classroom.  At present your child has completely memorized Psalm 23.  At the beginning of this term we started reciting at least two verses per week until we have now completed the entire Psalm.  Students recite this well-known Psalm along with their evening prayer on afternoons before dismissal. 

Next week we will begin learning Psalm 100.

Keeping up with tradition,

Miss Foster


2 thoughts on “Hands Clasped and Eyes Closed

  1. Ms Foster, thanks for keeping us parents abreast with the blog. I am having a wonderful time with Destiny. What touches me the most was hearing her reciting Psalm 23 (wow). Keep up the good work, God bless.

    • Thanks so much Dennis. I am enjoying the blog just as much as you guys.I enjoy sharing useful information which I think will benefit my parents and of course assist you in molding the nation’s future leaders. We started Psalm 100 today so look out…

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