Our New Reading Corner

Hi Parents,

Has your little one told you as yet?  We have a new reading corner in our classroom.

  On Tuesday the students and I spent the afternoon preparing the space that was to become our new reading corner to look really inviting and attractive. Image

For some time now I recognized that children were losing interest in reading.As a result  I moved the book corner and displayed the books differently and it improved somewhat but not to my standard.  I therefore came up with the idea that if the children were able to relax and read then maybe they would want to read more.  I got the foam alphabet floor puzzle out of the storage cupboard and scrubbed the pieces.  I then placed these on the floor to create a mat where the children can sit and read with their friends.  Of course as with everything else there are rules that go along with our new space.

The main rule is that NO SHOES ARE ALLOWED ON THE MAT.  Children are expected to take off their shoes and place them in a strategic point before coming onto the mat. 

Rule number two says that they are to READ QUIETLY.  As others will be sharing this space with them they have to be considerate of others and use their whisper voices when in the reading corner.

Have we tried it out our new reading corner?  Of course!  Did the children enjoy it?  Certainly! Some sat and read.  Others lay with their friends and read.  I believe that their interest in reading has now  been restored.

Sitting with my novel,

Miss Foster


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