We Voted!!




Yes we can and yes we did!  Voted that is!  Yes parents, I introduced the little ones to the voting  process and we did some simulation exercises in the classroom.  Of course we did not vote for political parties as the majority are still underage; so instead we voted for nursery rhymes, stories, songs, games, fruits, and colours.

The children went to the polls and Cinderella was voted the favourite story.  Red is the most popular colour, ( is this a sign parents?) and children favour the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle”.   I guess everyone could have guessed that apples rule.

Folks,Thursday is Election Day in Barbados.  Please allow your little one to stay tuned to the news reports as to which political party takes the most votes.  Knowing children they will want to be on the winning team.

Also ready to vote for my favourite colour,

Miss Foster



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