We Met a New Family Today

Yes Parents,

It’s true!  We met the “at” family today.


We met words such as:

bat ( we discussed that the word “bat” can refer to a bat that you play a game of cricket or baseball with, or it could be the insect that flies around especially at night.)





pat ( We discussed that the word pat can also be someone’s name and when this is the case we  would begin the word with a capital “P”.)


sat ( This word is the past tense of the words sit.  We discussed that this means that the action of sitting took place before: “Today I sit in the chair, yesterday I sat in the chair”).

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we are going to be interacting more with these words.  We are going to be using them  to create meaningful sentences.  We are also going to use them in our reading.

We will therefore be reading sentences such as these:

I see a fat girl.

You see the rat.

a big, fat rat

I see a mat and a hat.

You see the bird and the cat.

Oh my parents, our reading is going to take off.  Can you guys tell that I am excited? If you can get hold of some Bristol board, make a few flashcards with the words from the “at” family to display in your homes.  This will help your little ones to become familiar with the words.  Go through these words with them as they prepare themselves for school on mornings.  Make sentences with the words.  Insist that they use the Standard English and of course make eye contact with you when they are speaking.

Riding the Reading Rocket,

Miss Foster


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