Spelling Test With a Difference

Hi Parents,


I hope everyone is well and the week has proved to be a productive one so far.  I know my parents were very excited about the spelling test which was scheduled for Monday.  Some were anxious, and a few were even terrified.

Many parents approached me about their little one’s results which let me know that parental involvement went into the preparation of these little ones for their first spelling test.

I am pleased to say that the spelling test was successfully undertaken on Monday afternoon, but it was not your regular pen and paper test.  I don’t believe that our little ones are ready for such tests as yet.  In order to find out if my children had interacted with their words over the weekend, I engaged then in a game of “Word Hopscotch”.  Here is how we played this game:

1.  Each child had a turn to participate in the game.

2.  I made large flashcards with each of the spelling words on them and placed them on the floor as one would set up a traditional game of hopscotch.

3.  For each word called by the teacher, the child hopped on the flashcard on the floor with that word written on it.

4.  If the child hopped on the correct word he / she was allowed to continue on in the game.  If they hopped on the incorrect tile, they lost their chance to continue the game and would had to wait until it was their turn again.

Parents, the children enjoyed this game immensely.  NOTE: This is also something you can do at home with your child.  It is FUN!!!!

My next plan is to have another modified game of Hopscotch.  This time it’s going to be Letter Hopscotch.  What I will do is make the flashcards with individual letters on them.  Each child will be given a turn to hop from flashcard to flashcard to spell the word required.  So for instance if Teigan is given the word “and”, he would hop on the flashcard with the letter “a” first.  Next he would hop on the letter “n” and then on to the letter “d”.  This kind of Hopscotch will be done for the spelling of the words covered so far in the reader (the ones which they practiced for the Spelling test) and also for the spelling of their names.

Learning has never been so much fun in Reception Foster.

So to allay some fears and to erase some of the suspense,  I must say that I am proud to report that the results of our game of Word Hopscotch were generally good.  Some children were able to hop on all the words. Great for them!!!!!! However, a few children are still having difficulty and are going to require some extra help at home.  Please work with your child on a consistent basis to get him or her identifying the twelve words covered so far.

Still hopping,

Miss Foster


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