One, Two, Three

I’m here again Folks,

I promise that this is my last post for the night.  Sometimes things get so hectic in the classroom that I have no choice but to put the blog aside for a while.  This causes me then to have to make numerous posts in an effort to update you guys as to the happenings in our fun-filled classroom.


Mathematics.  How far are we?  What concepts have we covered since the last post?

1. We have been rote-counting to 50.

2.  We have covered the numbers 8, 9 and 10.  We can write them and spell their names.  We know one to seven really well, but we are still getting familiar with the spellings of eight,nine and ten.

3.  We know the value of numbers one through ten so we can make sets for each number.

4.  We have started the concept of “more than”.  We know by looking at counters that ten is more than one, eight is more than four, six is more than two, etc.

5.  We know the difference between numerals and letters.

6. We are leaning how to count backwards from 10 to 0 and thus we enjoy rhymes such as “Ten Little Monkeys”, “Ten Green Bottles”, “Ten Bears in the Bed”, “Alex the Camel”, “One Man Went to Mow” and of course “Ten Little Ducks”.

7. We recapped the heart shape last week.

8. We are getting better and better everyday at our ordinals and very soon we will be at tenth.  Right now we are at eighth.

We are learning lots in our Mathematics lessons.

Stay tuned for the concept of “less than”.

Adding and subtracting,

Miss Foster


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