February is Black History Month


Ask children which month is this and the most popular answer will be Valentine’s.  Don’t be surprised if you get the response of Lent either.  Very seldom would you hear a child say that February is Black History month.  

As a matter of a fact ask a child what Black History Month means to them and you most likely will get responses such as “I don’t know, I ain’t black” or “Please mam, I am white, not black”.

In an effort to raise students’ awareness about the month and its significance, the teacher and pupils of class Reception Foster will be working on the flags of Africa. We will be colouring, collaging,and painting these flags in our Art and Craft lessons.

I have chosen to concentrate on these five flags:















South Africa




You can use these flags as a topic of discussion over the weekend.  Pull them up on the computer, print them even.  Discuss with your child the colours present, the shape of the flags, any other noticeable shapes present on the flags, the types of lines on the flags (whether vertical or horizontal), etc.




Celebrating my African heritage,

Miss Foster


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