I Am Not a Teacher I Am a Policewoman

Good Evening Parents,



My title tells the way I felt today.  I spent almost the entire day dealing with conflict and conflict resolution in my classroom.  Parents, I am at my wits end as far as the behaviour exhibited by some of the students of my class are concerned and I am pleading your assistance.  I have never had these behavioural problems to deal with  before, so I am having a challenging time dealing with the constant arguing, fighting and outright disobedience by students.  

I am quite aware of the rights of the child but right now it is beginning to feel as though the teacher has no rights.  I know that many of these behaviours need to be “nipped in the bud”, so I want you guys to jump on board and assist me with this problem.  

Parents please talk to your children about the expected behaviours at school.  No hitting, no fighting, no abusive language is allowed.  Encourage your child to be kind and thoughtful.  Encourage him/her to obey the first time an order is given.  This would make the classroom a nicer and more productive place.

Thanking you in advance,

Miss Foster


2 thoughts on “I Am Not a Teacher I Am a Policewoman

  1. Good evening

    This is serious stuff. I was reading to Destiny what you said on the blog and she told me that teacher says, ‘No kicking, no hitting at anyone, don’t hit each other.’

  2. Oh my Tina! It seems as though the more I say it the more they do it. I think I may just have to invite a real policeman to the classroom just to scare them a bit. We have a littlemantra that we say each day to help keep us in check. It goes like this “Hands and feets to self.”

    As a result of the inefficiency of the mantra I have penned the following rhyme which I will teach from next week:

    These hands are for working,
    These hands are for play.
    These hands are for doing wonderful things
    Each and every day.

    I hope that this instills in them the importance of doing good with their hands instead of using them to hurt others.

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