Sand and Water Play


Goodnight Parents,

Destiny’s daddy Dennis donated a tub to the class so we are all ready for our sand and water play sessions.  I know some parents may be a bit concerned about such activities but let me assure you that these types of activities will only take place under the watchful eye of the teacher.  Sessions will last at least fifteen minutes per group with at least four persons per group.

For the sand play sessions the sand will be sterilized using Savlon solution and for the water play session students will wear their plastic art aprons to secure their uniforms.

Parents, please remember to place a change of clothes in your child’s bag in case of an emergency.

However, although we have the tub and I will find a few objects for the children to use during these activities, please feel free to  add to our collection by donating any used sand toys such as shovels, spades, buckets, moulds, etc.


In order for these sessions to be successful, please talk to your child about the expected behaviours during these activities. I will surely enforce the rules but it will definietly help if you reinforce them at home.

So here they are:

NO THROWING of sand.

NO WETTING each other.

It’s that simple.

Looking forward with delight to these sessions,

Miss Foster


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