No Capitals Throughout

Just a quick reminder parents.  We are still working on the NO CAPITALS THROUGHOUT rule in our writing in the classroom.  Too many students are still writing capital letters throughout their names.  Parents please encourage your little ones to only use capitals letters for the first letter of their first name and the first letter of their last name.

Activities to get this point across at home:

1. Make a name card for your child (cut a strip of bristol board and write child’s name on it).  Allow your child to model with plasticine, the letters in their name by copying them from the name card.

2.  Using a name card, allow your little one to use one colour crayon at a time and write over the letters of their name on the card.  For example:  If the child writes his name in yellow crayon the first time, the second time he / she can write it in pink, the next time green, the next time purple and so forth. It is wise to allow child to write with the lighter coloured crayons first.

Cultivating good handwriting skills,

Miss Foster


2 thoughts on “No Capitals Throughout

  1. I came to the blog. I see the great work. I love and appreciate it! Hang in there Ms. Foster. You are doing great! Thank you!!!!

    • Thanks for the compliment and for visiting Marsha. I hope that you find the information I am posting useful. Helping parents helps make my job a whole lot easier. Keep checking in from time to time for more valuable information. I hope to add a bit more graphics and get things all pretty over here.

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